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want list | ほしいもの

DD Rin want!

(Image from Volksusa’s site)

I wanted to wait to post about this until I’d actually obtained her, but I have to mention it.

I want DD Rin!! :nibaihato:
DD凛がめっちゃほしぃ!! :nibaihato:

Every time I see her, my heart stops~ :kiraheart:
いつも見てると、ハートがきゅん!としちゃいます~ :kiraheart:

aaah so gorgeous~ :nibaihato:
あ~ぁす・て・き~ :nibaihato:

*coughs* anyway.

She’s currently going for around ¥120k on y!Ja. Including deputy fees and shipping, that becomes about $1700USD.

Right now that’s just too expensive. I can’t afford it. (T_T)

But, definitely, one day.

I will have her!


(there ought to be a better pun in there but I’m at a loss for now…)
(もっと面白いだじゃれがあったはずなのに、今思いつかないのですぅ -_-)
So! let’s start things off with the first edition of Miu’s Want List~

Today it’s this:

colorware'd ipod touch, pink
image from Colorware

I want a Colorware’d iPod Touch in Glamour. 64GB of course, you shouldn’t expect anything less from the girl who insists on carrying her music library around with her all the time (although I think I might cut back a bit to make room for vids on it…) and in reality, there’s no way I’m pulling the trigger until this year’s update comes out (hopefully with a camera!).

But, I want~~
Glamour is really a gorgeous color, super sparkly and shiny in person~ (I ordered a swatch to be absolutely sure I loved it. I do.)

what tech are you lusting after lately? any experience with Colorware? good? bad?

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