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to aru kagaku no railgun | とある科学の超電磁砲

April Expected Arrivals

As always, a figure-heavy list:

nendoroid Haru-chan
(img from amiami)
I won’t lie…. her color scheme lured me in D: that and she’s riding a freaking carp! I mean, come on! and that cat… XDDD I love her “cold/allergies” expression too~ I can see that being useful.

nendoroid Kuroneko
(img from amiami) Since I got Kirino, I’d have to get her friend Kuroneko~ I’m really hoping Ayase will be made into a nendoroid, too… hopefully with yandere eyes… >_> I love her “hmph” expression XD

K-ON! nendoroid puchi set (Lawson/TBSishop exclusive)
(img from otacute)
I love K-ON :nibaihato: and this set is nice in particular because of Yui’s expression~

figma Senjougahara Hitagi
(img from amiami) Bakemonogatari is wonderful~ :ehup: and I’m pretty fond of Hitagi. Her ponytail is cute~

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun with Shirai Kuroko figma (PSP)
(img from amiami) Kuroko~~~~ :uehato:

*coughs* right, um, well obviously I’m getting this because Kuroko = :kiraheart: Not sure there’s much more I can say about it than that…. XD; This has since been delayed to “Summer 2011″… not sure if the cause of the delay is the game or the figure or both.

A Certain Language Study


I love getting 2D merch that’s actually practical, because that way I can get things done and enjoy seeing my favorite characters~♥
For this reason, I own a lot of clear files and pencil boards XD; (My stationery collection, let me show you it.)

Currently I’m attacking grammar for the JLPT N2. The book on the left is the original study guide (which is actually sitting on top of the book I’m using to cross-reference so you can’t really see it XD;), then my notebook with Railgun pencil board, and finally my chosen writing arsenal for this task: a 0.3mm pink mechanical pencil, click eraser, and five colors of double-tipped hi-lighters (all bought from JetPens, by the way – I love that store :hee: )

Bonus closeup shot of Kuroko~~ (and her oneesama)


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