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Happy New Year…. again!

Well, it appears I neglected this blog for an entire year… hopefully this year I’ll be around more! School was really eating up my time, but I’m almost done now~

To ease back into the habit, here’s the first two photos in 2014’s 365photo series:



For the first part of my 365 series, I’ll be taking portrait photos of all my girls! (Well, all the ones with faces, anyway.)


lazy non-update

if you’re missing Saku, here’s a quick shot of her from my 365 the other day:

018 of 365

I’m planning to do a roomwear-style shoot with her (and proper lighting) soon… but that doesn’t mean a lot;;

a 365 shot of the girls…

020 of 365

I’m attempting to do a 365photo thing over at my personal blog lately since that’s about all I have time to do these days… this is today’s shot! (Please ignore the ratty wallpaper in the background, I will eventually do something about that OTL)

Oh, but wait, what’s this? I thought Saku’s head had been sent off to get remakeuped? Then who’s in all pink…?

[ Apologies to all DD people I haven’t been keeping up with (which is basically everyone) – there are some pretty major changes going on in my life right now and I’ve had to take a little break for the moment, but I plan to come back to active status in the next month or so! I hope to squeeze in a swimsuit shoot before summer is completely over, at least… orz; ]

afternoon sunshine

Since it was so nice out (and I wasn’t able to get proper lighting set up in my room…) I thought I would take Marisa out for a photoshoot…

Somehow this turned into a whole session with all three girls, however…

afternoon sunshine
I feel like Marisa has kind of a Haruhi vibe going on with this wig…

K-ON! plush guitar and Super DX Yui plush

While I was traveling recently, I visited an anime shop and, despite just having been in Japan recently, bought a couple of interesting things…

K-ON! plush ギー太
I initially discovered this pillow on jlist months ago, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it because I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

Madoka Magica BD Vol 1

So I wasn’t sure if I’d be buying this BD because Madoka isn’t my most favorite series ever, but after episodes 11 & 12 I’ve really come to appreciate the series as a whole and I’d like to support it.

まどか☆マギカ BD vol 1
Overall packaging (with my lovely assistant Saku to help out, of course~ :heartbounce: )

mini Saku post

So I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with just taking photos of Saku whenever I bring her places. The last time I brought her on a trip, I took zero photos :skulldown: :ng:

It looks like a lot of travel will be in my future, so I’ve invested in a new doll carry bag from Dollmore (in pink, of course!) after discovering it via Wolfheinrich on twitter XDD I’ll let you know how that works out after it arrives.

In the meantime… some photos!


「姉」 | Older Sister

“This is…. my new older sister….”
That’s right. How about you open it?

Pink Christmas

“What are you doing, Saku?”

“Little Sister” | 「妹」


Is this girl…. my older sister?

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