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Fortune Arterial

A much-belated review of the 2008 visual novel “Fortune Arterial” by August.
[ NOTE: this entry may contain spoilers for the Fortune Arterial game/anime. ]

(Erika is not pleased with the delay…)


new K-ON!! chara songs

When I found out K-ON! was getting a second season (twice the size of the first, even!) I was really excited not only for the adaptation of the comics, but also the new music. I’ll leave my opinions for the OP/EDs for another post because what I want to talk about today is the new character songs!

Yui’s tracklist is as follows:
1) Oh My ギー太!! (Oh My Giita!!)
2) しあわせ日和 (Shiawase Hiyori [“Blissful Weather”? this is a little hard for me to translate, seems like it would be more like “a great time to be happy” or something like that? I’m unsure ^^;;])
3) Come with Me!!(唯Ver.) (Come with Me (Yui ver.)
followed by instrumentals of the three above tracks

Oh My ギー太!! is really cute, essentially a pop love song to her guitar (very Yui, right? XD). This makes two Yui songs dedicated to her guitar (ギー太に首ったけ was the first).
しあわせ日和 is the more mellow track, although it still has a beat, much like Sunday Siesta. It’ll probably grow on me eventually, but right now I’m not enjoying it as much as Sunday Siesta and the lyrics are kind of meh, even for Yui XD; (I appreciate her…. quirky style sometimes but I can’t help tuning out when I listen to this one. The spoken bit is classic natural-airhead Yui: “That puppy just now… was it really a puppy I wonder. Maybe it was a small dog, an adult dog… Haa… it was so cute.”)

Come with Me!! was actually pretty disappointing for me. It’s not bad per se, but “Let’s go” was a lot more exciting and had a rock feel to it. Come with Me!! is… I’m not sure how to describe it, but… I almost want to say a carnival feel? Not even pop – this is way too childish for standard Japanese pop (or at least the stuff I end up listening to). It’d be less of a disappointment if this wasn’t the group song that will be on every character’s single :/

Moving on!

Mio’s tracklist:
1) 青春Vibration (Seishun Vibration [Youth Vibration])
2) 蒼空のモノローグ (Soukuu Monologue [Blue Sky Monologue])
3) Come with Me!!(澪Ver.) (Come with Me!! (Mio ver))

青春Vibration is a nice pop-rock track that reminds me of my favorite Card Captor Sakura song XD (sorry, that’s the first thing I thought of!) I’ll have to go through the lyrics more carefully, but they seem to have some potential and aren’t forced rhythmically speaking.

蒼空モノローグ is Mio’s requisite ballad. It’s very calm and full of (presumably Mugi’s) keyboard as the main accompaniment. As with Yui, I prefer Mio’s first track-2 (Hello little girl), but I don’t dislike it. I just keep losing focus, so I suppose that makes it suitable background music… XD;

And we already know how I feel about the last track. (No, having Mio as a singer does not save it, sorry.)

So, should you get them? It depends.
If you’re a serious K-ON! fan, then you’ll probably want them no matter what.
If you’re a casual K-ON! fan and Yui and/or Mio are your favorites, then it’s probably worth your money, since the covers are gorgeous and singles are comparatively inexpensive.
If you don’t really care about K-ON! there’s nothing to impress you, so I wouldn’t bother, unfortunately.

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