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December Expected Arrivals

This (past) month’s list is going to be a long one. I don’t know why everything comes out in December (Christmas, maybe?) or perhaps it’s just everything I want coming out in Dec, but either way…

Here we go…
Umineko no naku koro ni: Ronde of Witches and Deduction (PS3)
(img from amiami) It’s no secret I love Umineko, so this should be no surprise. Supposedly all pre-orders come with red & blue truth pens XD; We’ll see. I did take a look at the other preorder items from various stores, but some of them are kind of… strange XD; (the Ange money clip is pretty epic, though, I have to say.)


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep preorder

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

(image from the amazon pre-order page)

I’ve been on a little bit of a pre-order binge lately, and this is my latest: KH:Birth by Sleep for PSP. I love the Kingdom Hearts series – I’ve been following it ever since the first PS2 game came out in the US (somewhere in 2002 I think?).

After I played through the game, I really wanted to hear the Japanese voice acting, so I bought KH: Final Mix (and a shiny silver Japanese PS2!)….

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