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Rhodium (AT&T Tilt2) Deco

I’ll make a post about the phone itself later, but right now it’s deco time! :D

Nothing was stuck to the phone itself, and instead I used a pink hard cover bought from eBay. If I had used a black or clear cover the difference between the phone and the cover would be less noticeable, but for my purpose I think the pink worked out fine. Just keep that in mind when you’re deco’ing!

I used epoxy glue this time, a kind called Z-Poxy. This stuff smells poisonous (x_x) Well, at least the hardener really did. My #1 recommendation for epoxy gluing is MAKE SURE YOU CAN OPEN WINDOWS (or provide another form of sufficient ventilation). I’m serious, not only will it smell awful, but I’m pretty sure the fumes are not all that great for you to be inhaling. I had to take breaks and completed this deco over the course of a couple days, rather than 6-7 hours straight like my previous phone, where I used the glue provided by Strapya.

My epoxy glue was 30-minute set, so I would mix a small amount of the liquids, cover a small patch of the phone and decorate it. If there was too much glue and it set before I had a chance to stick anything to it, I just put more glue over it and continued. I didn’t find any problems with this process, although I did tend to use a fairly thin layer of glue when applying. Before the glue sets, you can slide things around a little to position them perfectly. I did find that even after the glue set, it was still possible for pieces to be bumped or misaligned, so please be careful in holding your deco surface after applying parts!

My materials were a plastic nut canister top, which I used as a glue mixing surface, some toothpicks for actually mixing the glue and applying to the cover, and some tweezers for moving the deco parts.

After all portions of the cover had been completed and the glue completely set (I waited an hour or two from the final portion, I think) I coated the entire thing with clear nail polish to secure the hold. Even though epoxy glue has a very strong hold, if a tiny piece is subject to external pressure it might fall off – adding a clearcoat bonds it to the surrounding parts, greatly decreasing the chance that anything will be accidentally lost. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT NAIL POLISH IS MUCH LESS VISCOUS THAN EPOXY GLUE! This means that if you’re gluing directly to an electronic’s surface, you need to be really careful about small holes and gaps in the casing as the polish will just drip in and might damage the internal elements. I felt safe doing this with my casing because it was NOT attached to the phone while I was decorating it.

If you have any further questions about this project, feel free to leave me a comment!

And here’s the final result:

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 001
I tend to like a very cluttered random deco style XD

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 002
I cover not only the back, but also all sides.

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 003
This is a bit of fail on my part – I thought I had more tinytiny pieces than just the clear/silver bits (u_u;)

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 004

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 005

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 006

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 007

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 008

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 009

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 010

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 011

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 012

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 013

Rhodium (Touch Pro 2) deco 014

Okay, I think that’s just about every possible angle XDD

Most, if not all parts (minus the tiny silver ones and the stars) were bought from Mimi Lo Lo on Etsy ♥! She has a great selection and ships pretty fast :D

shopping spree vs retail therapy: does it really matter?

Today (the 20th) was a shopping day. There’s no denying it.

See, I went to the mall for dinner (mmm Uno’s :9). But there was a 25 minute wait, so I thought I’d go poke around Claire’s for a bit.

It was empty when I arrived, so I leisurely looked around and eventually settled on a crown keychain (for my car keys!)
crown keycharm 2

and a pink x black polkadot cosmetics case because my Liz Lisa one is too small to hold all of my stuff….
polkadot cosmetics case

polkadot vs LL side-by-side
(compared with my rose Liz Lisa cosmetics case)

and all of a sudden the store was full of parents trying to get their two year olds’ ears pierced! (@_@)
so it took me an extra 5-10 minutes just to check out. which led me to grab two sparkly rose hair clips by the register.

Thus accomplished, I headed back to Uno’s, slightly worried that they’d already called for me and I was gone (u_u; )
Dinner was buffalo chicken quesedillas (:9!) and some pounded-flat-and-breaded chicken thing with a heavily dressed salad on top (next time I’d get dressing on the side, I <3 balsamic vinaigrette but not when my greens are drowning in it, thanks) After dinner the mall was still open for another hour, so naturally I didn't want to waste this valuable time~ First was WetSeal. I don't normally buy much in person there, but I did find some awesome accessories - namely a sparklysparkly key necklace, large key necklace

pretty large jewel hinge bracelet,
pink gem hinge bracelet

and three pairs of stud earrings including one set of pink sakura-like earrings!! so pretty~~ the website image doesn’t do them any justice at all!
pink sakura earrings!
(shinyshiny~ <3) Still not out of time, I browsed MAC to check out some eyeshadow shades (Pink Venus is <3!), and then walked by bebe and saw... a black quilted heart purse. I couldn't pass by. I had to see it. It was huge! and the last one, apparently. She offered to call another store to see if they had the white but it was white x gold and the black was x silver. I thought about it. looked in the mirror. checked out the construction (pretty solid!) and thought about it. and said.... yes! <3 bebe's... interesting shopping bag
bebe’s shopping bag. keys for size comparison. there is no pornography inside the bag, sorry. (although thinking about it, if you buy sketchy stuff, you tend to hide it in plain bags, anyway…)

inside the bag~

polka dots with hearts!
the polka dot tissue paper was too cute! there were HEARTS! <3 <3 <3 the contents (wrapped in tissue paper)

size comparison w/ keys
it’s a pretty large bag! <3 heart bag on side
this was how it was displayed in the window – it holds its shape very well <3 heart bag handle 1

heart bag inside
inside – there’s two pockets (one for stuff, one for phone) and a zipper pocket.

heart bag zipper pull
zipper pull, might add something to this~

rationally speaking the black won’t get dirty as fast, goes with everything, etc. etc.
I’m still naturally drawn to white bags but realistically I don’t have many nice black ones to use! at least not a large one. I went from having all black stuff to almost none now XD; so I guess it’s a good decision.
and it’s cute!

so after that I went home.

but my shopping wasn’t over yet.
I went to check some things out on wetseal.com, and found some cute belts that are very similar to the white one I bought from Liz Lisa over the summer… and a light pink cardigan… and some light pink rose clips.. and a couple camisoles… and this really cute ivory ruffled jacket.
On the up side, ebates will give me 3% cash back on the purchase, and my credit card gives me 1% on all purchases. Plus I found a code for free shipping :D (I love the internet, srsly <3) but! not done yet! I've been stalking this lasercut acrylic jewelry shop on etsy for a while and even though I can't get my custom necklace yet, I bought a couple of the preset designs to try out the quality - the crown (in mirror pink) and kawaii ribbon (in bubblegum pink). I was tempted to get the diamond earrings too, but I thought that was enough for a first purchase. So finally, I'm done. Well, as long as I don't buy almost anything else this month I'm fine... XD


No, I’m not screaming.
I mean, Eee.
Just three Es.
Surely you know what that means?


Do you know now?

Ai (甘苺)

New computer! Well, netbook.

She’s an Eee PC 1005ha-v, in pink, naturally.
Right now she’s a replacement for a normal laptop (mine had a major meltdown about two weeks ago now) and is holding up pretty well. Video is the only aspect that really falters – watching 480i on crunchyroll is painful, but standard definition is fine. I do plan on buying a new fullsize laptop (13-15″, haven’t decided what yet) but I’m holding out until at least October when Windows 7 will be released. This also gives a chance for hardware to change up a little more – the way things are now, components aren’t much better than my laptop from two years ago.

Ai (甘苺) &amp; friends

Ai (甘苺) &amp; friends (lid closed)

Here she is with some of her friends, a pink Western Digital external hdd and pink wireless mouse with tiny receiver.

indicator lights

Closeup on the indicator lights: (L-R) power, battery, hdd, wireless, capslock

gradient fade

side view

This small detail is something I love about the design – look closely – the pink gradually turns to white rather than abruptly changing. <3 bumpy touchpad

The touchpad has little bumps all over it, which took a little getting used to.

fake sd card

sd card slot

The SD card slot doesn’t spring-eject, so I’m not a big fan of it edit: it appears it does spring-eject! but at the beginning it certainly didn’t. So I’m not sure what caused it to suddenly start working XD;
It came with this cute little white fake SD card in the slot XD

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