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K-ON! plush guitar and Super DX Yui plush

While I was traveling recently, I visited an anime shop and, despite just having been in Japan recently, bought a couple of interesting things…

K-ON! plush ギー太
I initially discovered this pillow on jlist months ago, but couldn’t bring myself to buy it because I wasn’t sure if I would like it.

April Expected Arrivals

As always, a figure-heavy list:

nendoroid Haru-chan
(img from amiami)
I won’t lie…. her color scheme lured me in D: that and she’s riding a freaking carp! I mean, come on! and that cat… XDDD I love her “cold/allergies” expression too~ I can see that being useful.

nendoroid Kuroneko
(img from amiami) Since I got Kirino, I’d have to get her friend Kuroneko~ I’m really hoping Ayase will be made into a nendoroid, too… hopefully with yandere eyes… >_> I love her “hmph” expression XD

K-ON! nendoroid puchi set (Lawson/TBSishop exclusive)
(img from otacute)
I love K-ON :nibaihato: and this set is nice in particular because of Yui’s expression~

figma Senjougahara Hitagi
(img from amiami) Bakemonogatari is wonderful~ :ehup: and I’m pretty fond of Hitagi. Her ponytail is cute~

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun with Shirai Kuroko figma (PSP)
(img from amiami) Kuroko~~~~ :uehato:

*coughs* right, um, well obviously I’m getting this because Kuroko = :kiraheart: Not sure there’s much more I can say about it than that…. XD; This has since been delayed to “Summer 2011″… not sure if the cause of the delay is the game or the figure or both.

December Expected Arrivals

This (past) month’s list is going to be a long one. I don’t know why everything comes out in December (Christmas, maybe?) or perhaps it’s just everything I want coming out in Dec, but either way…

Here we go…
Umineko no naku koro ni: Ronde of Witches and Deduction (PS3)
(img from amiami) It’s no secret I love Umineko, so this should be no surprise. Supposedly all pre-orders come with red & blue truth pens XD; We’ll see. I did take a look at the other preorder items from various stores, but some of them are kind of… strange XD; (the Ange money clip is pretty epic, though, I have to say.)


HTT Cassette Passcase (K-ON! merch)

I first saw this passcase when I was in Tokyo recently, but passed on it initially due to me having no particular use for it.
But… the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. Especially with the end of the anime T_T

HTT tape passcase

October Expected Arrivals

this list is subject to change as I order more things but at this point it’s not likely until the end of the month, anyway.

figma Dead Master

I, er, still haven’t seen BRS, but I saw her and said “YES, MUST HAVE.” >_> Maybe it’s the curls, maybe it’s the expression…. or the fact that she comes with two floating skulls. Who knows~ :hee: but a very appropriate October release, assuming she gets here before Halloween XD;

Recent arrivals

The other day, I received a package from Hobby Search (my first order from them!).
A fairly small order, but it contained two things I wanted and couldn’t buy elsewhere.

Aryanna + new goods!

new K-ON!! chara songs

When I found out K-ON! was getting a second season (twice the size of the first, even!) I was really excited not only for the adaptation of the comics, but also the new music. I’ll leave my opinions for the OP/EDs for another post because what I want to talk about today is the new character songs!

Yui’s tracklist is as follows:
1) Oh My ギー太!! (Oh My Giita!!)
2) しあわせ日和 (Shiawase Hiyori [“Blissful Weather”? this is a little hard for me to translate, seems like it would be more like “a great time to be happy” or something like that? I’m unsure ^^;;])
3) Come with Me!!(唯Ver.) (Come with Me (Yui ver.)
followed by instrumentals of the three above tracks

Oh My ギー太!! is really cute, essentially a pop love song to her guitar (very Yui, right? XD). This makes two Yui songs dedicated to her guitar (ギー太に首ったけ was the first).
しあわせ日和 is the more mellow track, although it still has a beat, much like Sunday Siesta. It’ll probably grow on me eventually, but right now I’m not enjoying it as much as Sunday Siesta and the lyrics are kind of meh, even for Yui XD; (I appreciate her…. quirky style sometimes but I can’t help tuning out when I listen to this one. The spoken bit is classic natural-airhead Yui: “That puppy just now… was it really a puppy I wonder. Maybe it was a small dog, an adult dog… Haa… it was so cute.”)

Come with Me!! was actually pretty disappointing for me. It’s not bad per se, but “Let’s go” was a lot more exciting and had a rock feel to it. Come with Me!! is… I’m not sure how to describe it, but… I almost want to say a carnival feel? Not even pop – this is way too childish for standard Japanese pop (or at least the stuff I end up listening to). It’d be less of a disappointment if this wasn’t the group song that will be on every character’s single :/

Moving on!

Mio’s tracklist:
1) 青春Vibration (Seishun Vibration [Youth Vibration])
2) 蒼空のモノローグ (Soukuu Monologue [Blue Sky Monologue])
3) Come with Me!!(澪Ver.) (Come with Me!! (Mio ver))

青春Vibration is a nice pop-rock track that reminds me of my favorite Card Captor Sakura song XD (sorry, that’s the first thing I thought of!) I’ll have to go through the lyrics more carefully, but they seem to have some potential and aren’t forced rhythmically speaking.

蒼空モノローグ is Mio’s requisite ballad. It’s very calm and full of (presumably Mugi’s) keyboard as the main accompaniment. As with Yui, I prefer Mio’s first track-2 (Hello little girl), but I don’t dislike it. I just keep losing focus, so I suppose that makes it suitable background music… XD;

And we already know how I feel about the last track. (No, having Mio as a singer does not save it, sorry.)

So, should you get them? It depends.
If you’re a serious K-ON! fan, then you’ll probably want them no matter what.
If you’re a casual K-ON! fan and Yui and/or Mio are your favorites, then it’s probably worth your money, since the covers are gorgeous and singles are comparatively inexpensive.
If you don’t really care about K-ON! there’s nothing to impress you, so I wouldn’t bother, unfortunately.

may 2010 anime update

Currently watching:

… is it just me, or are series using !s more and more?
the second season of Hayate no Gotoku! was Hayate no Gotoku!!, for example.
Durarara just has two from the start XD


Why I Started Watching: because I watched the first season, basically XD

Why I’m Still Watching: S2 is a perfect continuation of S1 – everything I loved about K-ON!: the girls, the music, the humor, still combines into one seriously enjoyable experience.

Why You Should Watch It: the K-ON franchise is based on a 4coma, which means that humor is ever-present. the entire series is very light-hearted and it’s rare that any serious conflicts ever arise between characters (ep 11, I think, of S1 had a teeny bit of drama, as well as 13, but hardly anything, esp in the latter case). not only does K-ON! have energetic OP/EDs, but insert songs are a guarantee, since the story focuses on a five-person all-girl light rock band. There haven’t been any new ones shown yet, I think, but we’ve still got 6 episodes to go! there’s a little bit of girl/girl fanservice if you put your yuri-goggles on, but no pairings are set in stone (something the fanbase definitely takes advantage of…)


Why I Started Watching: People I know were watching it, and I’d heard the series name a few times on forums and the like.

Why I’m Still Watching: Celty is awesome, Celty & Shinra is adorable and hilarious, Shizuo is <3 and Izaya is certifiable but scarily insightful. Why You Should Watch It: DRRR!! manages its moderately large cast quite well, making an effort to balance out the focus for the main seven or so and giving time for everyone to tell their own story. DRRR!! covers some heavier topics (ep 2 doesn’t lose any time in showing the series’ more serious side) and offers a thoughtful view on human interaction. the cast is large enough that it’s likely you’ll find someone to love, but no one feels like a stock character – everyone could easily be someone you know, or are. the background music is amazing and fits right in with the mood of the story.

Angel Beats!

Why I Started Watching: I’d seen references to the series on blogs, and saw ads for DVD sales in some of the raw DRRR!! streams I watched. I finally gave in.

Why I’m Still Watching: It’s still hard for me to pin down exactly what I love about this series. I definitely connect with it, though, having watched all six episodes twice in succession. It might be in part due to Girls Dead Monster, an all-girl band that exists within the show and has already had FOUR insert songs in six episodes XD;

Why You Should Watch It: AB! is possibly a bit heavier than DRRR!! even though it contains a fair bit of weird (near?) slapstick comedy. AB! is being created in cooperation with Key – the company that made Clannad, Kanon, Air and Little Busters! – so if you like Key’s works, AB! is probably right up your alley. AB! was not a visual novel first, although it definitely has that feel, in my opinion. The OP, for example, is classic Key style. the cast is a bit more stock than DRRR!! but it’s not the most extreme I’ve seen, and it takes it in stride, poking fun at everyone in turn. the humor can be a bit over the top at times (there’s this strange running gag about people getting hit and the ED theme starting to play…) but the verbal tsukkomis are good XD (I especially like the SSS-renaming discussion in ep 1). AB! is still revealing its true form, so I can’t say more than this, but I’m definitely looking forward to the future episodes (especially after the end of ep 7!)

Nendoroid Mio & Yui review

A very belated review of the Mio and Yui Nendoroids.

First, Mio.
Nendoroid Mio face
She arrived at the beginning of February.

disassembled; quick-arriving packages

two photos today, since I didn’t post yesterday~

tangles of branches (003 of 365)

the first was taken in the morning yesterday, before I left.

got my head in my hands (004 of 365)

the second was taken this afternoon, when I disassembled Aryanna in an attempt to restring her with her current elastic.
that was a miserable failure, by the way. her strings were so stretched out it wasn’t possible to even push them to reconnect after I’d trimmed them down. so she’s currently in pieces. Well, her torso (minus head) is assembled currently (^ ^; ) somehow that one was okay.

I ordered new elastic from Luts along with other things I’d been meaning to order (the string puller and forceps were out of stock unfortunately! (T_T)), including two alternate pairs of hands, a face mask (so her faceup doesn’t get dirty in storage), silicon wig cap (to keep the wig from sliding and also to prevent [further] staining), and some pretty extras I happened to notice, like a crown headband~ (^ ^) No clothing items – there wasn’t anything I was particularly interested in, and no other dolls. I’m really out of the loop when it comes to other doll companies, so I don’t even know where to start regarding SD-sized clothing. I want to make most stuff myself, but certain things like shoes I’m definitely never going to make myself…. (^ ^;; ) I’m also tempted by a wig I saw at Leekeworld recently, but a) I need to remember what her wig color was first and b) she has three wigs already so technically she doesn’t need any others….

I have more photos from the disassembling that I might post to flickr later, and I’ll certainly take more photos once she’s been restrung properly (she’ll be able to stand~!).

The other event today was the arrival of my ミックミクかがみ Nendoroid. It’s Kagami in Hatsune Miku’s 「ミックミクしてあげる」 outfit, as seen in the Lucky Star OVA. This Kagamin is #62 in the Nendoroid series – I hadn’t realized there were so many now! (@_@) regular Kagamin is 28a, b & c (Comptiq, HP, and Chara)… and I think Tsukasa and Miyuki were just released not too long ago. Of course I’ve preordered Yui & Mio Nendoroids, but I’m getting a little nervous because some sites don’t seem to cut off their preorders even when they aren’t sure they’ll be able to fill all the orders they get. I suppose it’s no loss to them, if they don’t charge until shipping, if there’s not enough stock, the order just gets canceled – but for the customer, what do you do? Have faith the store you’ve chosen will come through? Place two and cancel the slower one? What if it falls through? Resort to ebay? I managed to snag HP ver Kagamin for a reasonable price (considering her popularity and length of time she’s been discontinued) on ebay, and it’s likely Mio & Yui will stay somewhat reasonable right after release, but there’s always a chance the company will end up with an unusually limited quantity, or they will just be SO popular demand greatly exceeds supply. K-ON! is pretty popular (evidenced by it gaining a second season! so excited!), but has Good Smile anticipated this? Well, one way or another those two will be mine. Ritsu and Mugi are a pass, though. (Sorry girls, one of you interrupts my OTP and the other is, well, entertaining but not my favorite.)

Listening to K-ON! music always makes me smile… and also makes me want a guitar again. We’ll see what happens there.
Tomorrow’s going to be fairly busy, I have no idea what my 365 will turn out to be.

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