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All the good things

Nostalgia can be a dangerous thing, painting a rosy picture when things were more grey, but the truth isn’t always necessarily so horrible.
So here are some things I loved about living in Japan, and what pushes me to want to go back:

+ health. I was way healthier when I lived in Japan. I walked everywhere, I ate better, I drank more water.
+ social. I actually hung out with people in my free time. I almost never do that in the US. That might have been a product of study abroad but I really hope not. There are friends back there I miss seeing, and I hope I’ll get to spend some time with them.
+ karaoke. I LOVE karaoke and it just does not exist here. I might even go on my own if I have to, embarrassing though it may be. XD
+ shopping. okay, yes, I love shopping and if I do something like eikaiwa I won’t really have the money or space to indulge but just being able to browse is pretty awesome.
+ trains. I adore riding on trains, watching the scenery go by, listening to music. It’s an amazing feeling ? plus, not having to drive places myself? awesome.
+ bookstores. yes, there are Japanese bookstores in the US but none that are near me, so I can’t browse, which I love doing! it’s so hard for me to get into new series without being able to browse (; ^ ;)
+ keitai. this is less strong than it used to be, since I got my Tilt, but Japanese phones can do EVERYTHING and are so cute (* o *)
+ Japanese. what I mean is, the ability to use, increase and maintain my Japanese language knowledge. living there, my competency level shot up. there’s just no substitute. bonus: actually DOING something that (if indirectly) uses my major.

July is the month of crazy!

I’ve been so seriously busy this month, between travel and getting sick, and more travel, and still being sick (x__x)
I have so many things to talk about! But I have to be careful to space them out otherwise I’ll run out of content XD
So first, I’ll make a short entry about my trip to Japan.
I spent about a week in Tokyo at the beginning of this month, and the timing could’ve probably been a bit better, what with it being the end of the rainy season (it was cloudy nearly every day I was there) and friends not being off school yet, but it was the best deal for flights so…. that’s what determined it. I walked a lot, and took my pedometer with me for proof! Each day was usually over 10,000 steps, sometimes as high as 15,000! I still wonder what it would’ve looked like if I had my pedometer with me while I was living in Chiba. I didn’t really lose any weight though, which was kind of disappointing considering the amount of exercise I was getting XD
It was totally exhausting and went by kind of fast after the first couple days. I got to borrow a prepaid phone from my friend, which made me happy because it was almost like I was still living there XD I didn’t really get to do everything I wanted to, because it was all crammed into such a short time, so I’d like to go back (for a much longer period of time, if I can!) but who knows when that will happen. Need to save up for it, that’s for sure.
I haven’t driven at all since before I left for Japan because I was so busy getting ready for the next trip, and I caught a cold at the tail end of my trip anyway, so I was feeling pretty blah :( I may not really get a chance to practice again until August. Not exactly looking forward to it, but if I want to ever get a real job, it’s the only way, living in the suburbs. Bleh.

Cooking, “fried chicken”

So I suddenly had a craving for chicken 唐揚げ yesterday and decided I should try to make it XD I already had chicken breast meat to use for something else so I lucked out on that end. The recipe I found was pretty simple, just soy sauce, ginger, garlic, salt & pepper for the marinade, and then flour and cornstarch for the batter. Since I’ve never made 唐揚げ myself, I figured it would probably come out mediocre at best, でも大成功でした!It was really good! And the chicken didn’t dry out either!

Been watching らき☆すた lately ♥♥♥ I can’t lie, the OP drew me in 100% even before I understood what kind of show it was XD I will learn to sing that, no matter what XD (and do the dance, at karaoke… !) Out of everyone I’m definitely most like Kona-chan… if you don’t know why I’m not going to spell it out for you~ (Speaking of, I wonder when Clannad will end up on the PSP… I could just play the PS2 version but I’d rather PSP somehow… both Kanon and Air have made it onto that system.)
Still studying kanji pretty dutifully, a little stuck on readings for 241-300 but I’m nearly there! Writing is up to 140. As a treat, I bought myself kanji graph books from an online shop – they’re much better proportioned for this sort of thing; writing in normal graph paper I either have to make it too big or too small (@__@) there’s only 15 spaces across but that’s probably enough. I picked 20 because a mixi friend said she remembered how to spell English words by writing & saying them simultaneously 20 times XD It seemed like a good idea~

あ~ぁ watching らき☆すた makes me want to go back to 秋葉原~ 池袋, too, for the Animate. I really miss being able to go when I wanted to & had free time…. 一時間過ぎるかかってもええのよ~

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