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ipod touch

New shiny arrival!

Yesterday I sat anxiously waiting for a package to be delivered to me~

new shiny arrival!
What could it be~?


(there ought to be a better pun in there but I’m at a loss for now…)
(もっと面白いだじゃれがあったはずなのに、今思いつかないのですぅ -_-)
So! let’s start things off with the first edition of Miu’s Want List~

Today it’s this:

colorware'd ipod touch, pink
image from Colorware

I want a Colorware’d iPod Touch in Glamour. 64GB of course, you shouldn’t expect anything less from the girl who insists on carrying her music library around with her all the time (although I think I might cut back a bit to make room for vids on it…) and in reality, there’s no way I’m pulling the trigger until this year’s update comes out (hopefully with a camera!).

But, I want~~
Glamour is really a gorgeous color, super sparkly and shiny in person~ (I ordered a swatch to be absolutely sure I loved it. I do.)

what tech are you lusting after lately? any experience with Colorware? good? bad?

Technology Pondering

In my long, torturous journey to wait for a sufficiently sized iPod Touch, I’ve though only of reaching the 64GB mark. 64GB was to be my trigger. Apple would release it (possibly this month), and I would buy it. Seems simple.

But now. Now I am thinking, “if I’ve been waiting this long, why buy mid-cycle just for a size upgrade?” Increased storage is not a major hardware revision, what if iPod Touch 3rd Gen is something incredibly awesome? This seems unlikely, mind you, I can’t imagine what they could add that would make me feel like it was absolutely necessary to own; my phone has GPS and runs various internet-related apps fine. I have a camera that I would never replace with the meager 2MP that’s in the iPhone right now, or even 3MP should they dare to upgrade. If I wanted a combination device with a good camera I would have bought a different phone, that’s for sure.

What could they add?

The problem is, because I don’t know, Apple might catch me off guard. I hate being one-upped by companies who release versions every year, only to be caught between the cycles I want. My iPod isn’t broken yet (and this, this is also bad logic. If something of one brand breaks, why buy another model of the same brand?) so there’s no need, and this has held me over for a long time. I am not sure how much longer it will last, though.

My resolve may very well break if a 64GB version appears in the next few weeks.

Why 32GB Just Isn’t Enough

(Or: Why, Yes, I Do Need My Whole Music Library)

In my constant search for news on a possible 64GB iPod Touch, I run into forums where about 50% of the people are snubbing even the concept of a 64GB touch, saying that a) it’s impossible to fill up that space!!!11! or b) why do you need so much with you all the time?!?!?
My answers to these cries are a) no, it’s far from impossible. I have 45GB of music, right now, and if you add some videos and apps to that, it’s not so hard to fill up (^ ~) Plus it’s always nice to have room to grow – who wants an MP3 player that JUST fits their music/video collection right now? It’s bound to increase, someday, maybe sooner than you’d think, so why play so close to the edge?
and b) this is a multiple-part answer, and it can be broken down into just 2 simple facts:
1) I am fickle.
2) Music is my lifeblood
The first is pretty simple to understand – my mood changes suddenly, unexpectedly, and even I can’t completely predict it. How am I supposed to know what songs I’ll want to listen to today? What if I want to share some song with someone else, but I haven’t been listening to it lately? What if I’m out of the house for several hours/don’t have time to customize my iPod playlists because I leave? It’s just much easier to have all of my music with me all of the time.
By this point, you might be thinking “You spoiled girl! If you don’t have exactly the music you want, just suck it up and live with it!” and this brings me to my second point:
Without music I am fragile. When I say music is my lifeblood, I don’t mean that I’m an audiophile, because in general, I’m not. I have music ripped at 128kbps and don’t mind that much – I can tell when it’s better quality, sure, but it doesn’t bother me because it’s not so much the quality of the sound, but the heart behind the music, and what it makes me feel. Music calms me down when I’m nervous, allows me to function the way society expects (with the small addition of one headphone covering one ear), keeps me from emotionally exploding, gives me energy, helps keep me moving, propels me forward even when I don’t really want to be going anywhere. It’s like magic, it is magic, the way it affects me. Music has more control over my moods than I do – if you could figure out the exact way, you could probably emotionally control me like a puppet.
“But wait,” you might be thinking, “If this is true, why not just listen to whatever music you have with you at the time to move out of your desire for other music?”
There are times when this is okay, but I often get stuck on wanting something in particular. And nothing will move me from this want. Like I said, I’m fickle.

Vacation over: Welcome to 2009!

Originally, I wanted my New Year’s Resolution for this blog to be one entry, no matter how small, everyday. But my year started off with a vacation, and I tend not to bring my laptop with me on trips anymore { it’s bigger than my last one, and the extra weight + size pushes me over the edge. for a 4 day trip, it was not worth it. } and I can’t really blog to here from my phone so I’m a little late in starting!
{ Maybe I’ll make five extra entries here or there to make up for it… XD }
So today! January 6th. Macworld keynote. The last Macworld ever, I think, since Apple is pulling out. Am I sad? No, not really. It isn’t as though Apple is going under, or disappearing. Just not planning to announce things in such a dramatic fashion anymore, and to be honest, what I’m waiting for will likely not be announced this month anyway. I’m also not an Apple fangirl, just a recent equal opportunist. After working with Macs in a multimedia computer lab setting, I became more comfortable with the interface, something I had previously completely objected to using. But all computers and operating systems have their flaws, not to mention individual applications.
The only Apple products I’ve ever owned have been iPods – the 4th gen photo after it was announced, and the 5th gen video, a year or so later. The reasons I didn’t look into iPods earlier were fairly simple:

– no color screen. I hate monochromatic screens, and this is the big reason I am not jumping on the kindle. I love to read, but I don’t want to be held back by black & white.

– battery issues. For a non-user-replaceable battery, it previously had a pretty bad track record for holding charge and overall play time.

– I was unclear as to how you could sort through thousands of songs on such a small interface, and this was due to my own disinterest to do research XD My first interactions with mp3 players (back in 1996/7 or so) had prepared me for a system that only allowed for less than 10 songs (usually) which meant sorting and organization was unnecessary. Even minidisc players (yes, I had those!) worked under the same principle, although you could easily swap out media for more choices. How could I deal with my entire music collection on one device? And why would I even want that?

Once I had it, I never wanted to go back. Playlists are fairly simple, and I’ve only recently discovered the ease of smart playlists. Genius playlists aren’t that useful for me, since it only really works well for songs that are in some iTunes store (international is okay, but other than that). I have around 45GBs of music currently, and this has kept me from upgrading to an iPod touch, despite the lure of apps. I’m not excited about a touch-only screen, I prefer buttons (reason #1 why I don’t own an iPhone), but in the end, apps win out over moving laterally to the Classic.

So I’m waiting. I have serious doubts that Apple will announce a 64GB iPod touch at this keynote. It wasn’t announced last year, just suddenly appeared for sale at the beginning of February. This is probably because it wasn’t a great technical step forward on Apple’s front – they just found a supplier of properly sized 16GB flash chips (the touch uses two flash slots while the iPhone only uses one, halving its storage capacity). I believe 32GB flash is just around the corner (if they aren’t already here!) so I’m holding off, patiently. I can’t wait until 64GB flash exists, however, so once the 64GB iPod Touch comes out, I’m buying it XD

ipod, iphone, iwant…

Okay so I got a new cell phone, the Sony Ericsson w580i, which is pink, and cute, and works great. This post is not about getting a new phone, not really.
My 5th gen iPod Video (60GB) will be two years old this summer, and while it still functions, I’m enticed by this whole flash memory thing and occasionally take a look at the iPod touch. I’m keeping track of the memory upgrades, although 32 isn’t quite enough for to flip over yet, upon further inspection, even 64 wouldn’t be enough – there are some major things missing as Apple decided that it wanted to make the touch just a partially disabled iPhone. The one thing that really gets me is the inability to edit calendar events on the device. This completely ruins it as a pda for me – the whole point of having a calendar is the ability to edit it on the fly! So I turn to the device Apple really wants to push – the iPhone. If I got one, it would be more an iPod replacement than a phone replacement. I need the app capabilities, and I need the storage for music. Wifi, 3G? it’s all just extras. I doubt the iPhone’s going to suddenly jump to 64GBs of space this summer (when supposedly the 3G version will be announced) but if it steps its game up to 32 I’m going to be sorely tempted. But the 64GB would be a done deal, no questions asked. Well, at that point anyway, I assume. I’m doing extensive research on the device right now so my questions should be little to none XD The only way I’d change my position is if Apple changes its position on allowing the iPod touch to be the digi.tech it has the potential to be.
But the 64 jump won’t come until at least Christmas, if not much later in 2009, I would think. Unless flash memory develops and drops price much faster than everyone is anticipating, anyway…

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