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lazy non-update

if you’re missing Saku, here’s a quick shot of her from my 365 the other day:

018 of 365

I’m planning to do a roomwear-style shoot with her (and proper lighting) soon… but that doesn’t mean a lot;;

the oldest girl has finally come out to pose…

Rin~♥ (051 of 365)

When I started becoming interested in DDs last year, I found myself drawn to this particular girl… I eventually found a decent deal for her on y!Ja, fullset, but stained. I spent some time cleaning her up, and finally now she gets some time in the spotlight~

a 365 shot of the girls…

020 of 365

I’m attempting to do a 365photo thing over at my personal blog lately since that’s about all I have time to do these days… this is today’s shot! (Please ignore the ratty wallpaper in the background, I will eventually do something about that OTL)

Oh, but wait, what’s this? I thought Saku’s head had been sent off to get remakeuped? Then who’s in all pink…?

[ Apologies to all DD people I haven’t been keeping up with (which is basically everyone) – there are some pretty major changes going on in my life right now and I’ve had to take a little break for the moment, but I plan to come back to active status in the next month or so! I hope to squeeze in a swimsuit shoot before summer is completely over, at least… orz; ]

Pink Christmas

“What are you doing, Saku?”

“Little Sister” | 「妹」


Is this girl…. my older sister?

DD Rin want!

(Image from Volksusa’s site)

I wanted to wait to post about this until I’d actually obtained her, but I have to mention it.

I want DD Rin!! :nibaihato:
DD凛がめっちゃほしぃ!! :nibaihato:

Every time I see her, my heart stops~ :kiraheart:
いつも見てると、ハートがきゅん!としちゃいます~ :kiraheart:

aaah so gorgeous~ :nibaihato:
あ~ぁす・て・き~ :nibaihato:

*coughs* anyway.

She’s currently going for around ¥120k on y!Ja. Including deputy fees and shipping, that becomes about $1700USD.

Right now that’s just too expensive. I can’t afford it. (T_T)

But, definitely, one day.

I will have her!

Home Town Dollpa Osaka 6 report

Home Town Dollpa Osaka 6
(Taken from afar during the bingo session)

A very very late write-up about Volks’ Home Town Dollpa 6 that took place on August 1st, 2010.
Well, I did post photos to my flickr account shortly after the event, at least.

This post will be VERY picture-heavy.


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