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may 2010 anime update

Currently watching:

… is it just me, or are series using !s more and more?
the second season of Hayate no Gotoku! was Hayate no Gotoku!!, for example.
Durarara just has two from the start XD


Why I Started Watching: because I watched the first season, basically XD

Why I’m Still Watching: S2 is a perfect continuation of S1 – everything I loved about K-ON!: the girls, the music, the humor, still combines into one seriously enjoyable experience.

Why You Should Watch It: the K-ON franchise is based on a 4coma, which means that humor is ever-present. the entire series is very light-hearted and it’s rare that any serious conflicts ever arise between characters (ep 11, I think, of S1 had a teeny bit of drama, as well as 13, but hardly anything, esp in the latter case). not only does K-ON! have energetic OP/EDs, but insert songs are a guarantee, since the story focuses on a five-person all-girl light rock band. There haven’t been any new ones shown yet, I think, but we’ve still got 6 episodes to go! there’s a little bit of girl/girl fanservice if you put your yuri-goggles on, but no pairings are set in stone (something the fanbase definitely takes advantage of…)


Why I Started Watching: People I know were watching it, and I’d heard the series name a few times on forums and the like.

Why I’m Still Watching: Celty is awesome, Celty & Shinra is adorable and hilarious, Shizuo is <3 and Izaya is certifiable but scarily insightful. Why You Should Watch It: DRRR!! manages its moderately large cast quite well, making an effort to balance out the focus for the main seven or so and giving time for everyone to tell their own story. DRRR!! covers some heavier topics (ep 2 doesn’t lose any time in showing the series’ more serious side) and offers a thoughtful view on human interaction. the cast is large enough that it’s likely you’ll find someone to love, but no one feels like a stock character – everyone could easily be someone you know, or are. the background music is amazing and fits right in with the mood of the story.

Angel Beats!

Why I Started Watching: I’d seen references to the series on blogs, and saw ads for DVD sales in some of the raw DRRR!! streams I watched. I finally gave in.

Why I’m Still Watching: It’s still hard for me to pin down exactly what I love about this series. I definitely connect with it, though, having watched all six episodes twice in succession. It might be in part due to Girls Dead Monster, an all-girl band that exists within the show and has already had FOUR insert songs in six episodes XD;

Why You Should Watch It: AB! is possibly a bit heavier than DRRR!! even though it contains a fair bit of weird (near?) slapstick comedy. AB! is being created in cooperation with Key – the company that made Clannad, Kanon, Air and Little Busters! – so if you like Key’s works, AB! is probably right up your alley. AB! was not a visual novel first, although it definitely has that feel, in my opinion. The OP, for example, is classic Key style. the cast is a bit more stock than DRRR!! but it’s not the most extreme I’ve seen, and it takes it in stride, poking fun at everyone in turn. the humor can be a bit over the top at times (there’s this strange running gag about people getting hit and the ED theme starting to play…) but the verbal tsukkomis are good XD (I especially like the SSS-renaming discussion in ep 1). AB! is still revealing its true form, so I can’t say more than this, but I’m definitely looking forward to the future episodes (especially after the end of ep 7!)

Anime update

Since we’ve entered the new season pretty completely by now, here’s my updated list of currently watched anime:

Umineko no naku koro ni | うみねこのく頃に | When They Cry 3: based on the sound novels by 07th Expansion, a seemingly normal closed circle murder mystery case turns into something really weird when witches get involved… feels like playing the game on fast forward but it’s nice to see some stuff animated

Shugo Chara Doki!: Yeah, I’m still watching this…. XD

Kanamemo | かなめも: cuuuute story about a girl who’s just been orphaned joining an all-female newspaper delivery company. Based on a 4-koma (there seem to be a lot of those now), sort of sketchy (yuri I have no problem with but there’s some questionable age-related sketchiness XD)

Saki: a sports-type anime about… mahjong. XD 95% female cast, lots of implied yuri, overly dramatic motions for a table-based game XD

Detective Conan: well, obviously. I mean, until this show finally goes off the air I will watch it. Becaaause.

Canaan: action-based series, only seen one episode, lots of shooting involved. looks interesting.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei: well, who can say no to Zetsubou sensei? I’m surprised it got a fourth season though!

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsuu… season 2?: so, this has been kind of mis-handled by the production company (let’s make people think there are new episodes! LOL SRY ONLY REPLAYING… actually JK NEW EPS THROWN IN 8D let’s watch the same events happen over and over and over again! yeeeeeeeey!) but I am still watching. passively.

Hayate no Gotoku 2nd Season: well, I finally caught up with the 1st season, so now I need to catch up with the second… hilarious narrator, little continuing plot, generally ridiculous… and Kugimiya Rie <3 Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou: ridiculously fanservice-y show about “modern day magic” (a.k.a. using programming on computer for magic). based on a light novel that was definitely aimed at guys…. still, entertaining XD

I don’t -think- I’ve skipped any series, but I may go back and edit this later.

Anime Update

I’ll go back and update my master list eventually, but here’s some more anime I’ve been watching and what I thought:

Shugo Chara!: I tried watching this when it first came out, and wasn’t interested. But now since it’s on Crunchyroll I thought I’d give it a second try. It’s not bad! Clearly aimed at kids (the main characters are 5th graders) but things are a little different than you’d expect so it’s entertaining :D

Toradora!: Have I said that I love this anime yet? Because I do ♥ I want to read the light novels too, but I’m on a spending ban right now… (;o;_;)o

Kannagi: This is over now, and although I liked it, I feel like nothing really happened? I don’t know, none of my questions got answered, and even MORE questions appeared in the last couple episodes. The manga’s on hiatus too so who knows what will happen with this one… (@_@)

Pretty Cure: … don’t laugh! I saw merch for this EVERYWHERE when I was in Japan so I finally gave in to see what the show was all about. Relatively typical magical girl show, but not as good as Sailormoon so far :P I’m not overly fond of it, and it’s not culturally necessary that I watch it so I might stop…

Maria Holic: This has been animated AMAZINGLY (I ♥ SHAFT!) and has a crazy OP. Only 2 episodes in, but I will be watching this one to the end for sure!

Skip Beat!: I just watched all current 14 episodes today… kind of an overload, but it’s good! Of course it’s good timing right now, to watch a show about a girl trying to break into the entertainment business in Japan… (=^_^=) ヘヘヘ (although her motives are REVENGE oriented)

Looking at the list, aren’t there a lot of anime with ! in the title?
Or am I just collecting them somehow?…


(つまり: May Sickness Came Early)
Well, it’s not May yet, but I’m already feeling the lethargy kick in, my kanji studies are starting to slack, after a remarkably productive week (I could’ve sworn it was more than that but)… but I’ve been doing pop culture research. Er, by that I mean watching series that are either often referenced or are likely to be referenced in the future XD For the purpose of understanding things. For example, while watching らき☆すた there were quite a few Suzumiya Haruhi references (more than partially because they were made by the same animation studio…) so I had to watch that, which I’d been putting off. It was totally different than I was expecting! Somehow I managed to mix up the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi with… some other show that was actually melancholic and dramatic. The weirdness of it is almost on a Murakami level, but with a difference sense of humor and a lighter tone overall, I think. So I’m looking into the light novels (well, actually I already ordered the first two from Sasuga but they said they were backorders so I probably won’t see them until May… ε=(~Д~;))
Actually, part of the reason why I’m slowing down the kanji study is because I’m trying to catch up with and surpass the reading only portion. I got up to 300 on that, but I’m only up to 240 on written. Ideally it should be written then reviewed for readings but that’s not the way it is yet. So I’m catching up. But it’s slow because writing too much at once hurts my hand and I don’t want to end up damaging my wrist or anything… (it’s true we’re on break this week for handbells, but if I just write until I can’t feel my fingers it’s likely I’ll be completely out of commission for just about everything for a couple days at least which defeats this little-by-little study strategy)
Since I’m up to 240 written kanji, that means I’ve graduated elementary second grade and am now in third (^ ~)v So that makes me… 8 years old? XD

Cooking, “fried chicken”

So I suddenly had a craving for chicken 唐揚げ yesterday and decided I should try to make it XD I already had chicken breast meat to use for something else so I lucked out on that end. The recipe I found was pretty simple, just soy sauce, ginger, garlic, salt & pepper for the marinade, and then flour and cornstarch for the batter. Since I’ve never made 唐揚げ myself, I figured it would probably come out mediocre at best, でも大成功でした!It was really good! And the chicken didn’t dry out either!

Been watching らき☆すた lately ♥♥♥ I can’t lie, the OP drew me in 100% even before I understood what kind of show it was XD I will learn to sing that, no matter what XD (and do the dance, at karaoke… !) Out of everyone I’m definitely most like Kona-chan… if you don’t know why I’m not going to spell it out for you~ (Speaking of, I wonder when Clannad will end up on the PSP… I could just play the PS2 version but I’d rather PSP somehow… both Kanon and Air have made it onto that system.)
Still studying kanji pretty dutifully, a little stuck on readings for 241-300 but I’m nearly there! Writing is up to 140. As a treat, I bought myself kanji graph books from an online shop – they’re much better proportioned for this sort of thing; writing in normal graph paper I either have to make it too big or too small (@__@) there’s only 15 spaces across but that’s probably enough. I picked 20 because a mixi friend said she remembered how to spell English words by writing & saying them simultaneously 20 times XD It seemed like a good idea~

あ~ぁ watching らき☆すた makes me want to go back to 秋葉原~ 池袋, too, for the Animate. I really miss being able to go when I wanted to & had free time…. 一時間過ぎるかかってもええのよ~

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