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notice of content division

So, I’ve finally decided to segment my online blogging life and this blog has been more or less split in two!

milkypink.net will continue to exist as a personal blogging space for talking about random things.

miuofstars.net will take over Japan-related subjects, such as dolls, figures, games, manga, and anime. in addition, I’m making an effort to maintain it as a bilingual blog. I’m nowhere near fluent in Japanese, but practice has to happen somehow, right? XD; I’ll probably also post things from my upcoming trip to Japan there, as well. I haven’t yet decided whether I’ll copy over entries from tokyo-shoujo.net yet or not. I may well repost the 2008 trip reports on mos.net with photos included, though XD;

I’ve already copied over the relevant posts from here to there, but I won’t remove them from this blog (although I may link them later, not sure).

Sorry if this split makes things more annoying for anyone – I figure there are people who want to read about specific subject-related stuff and skip all the personal junk XD; everyone is still welcome to follow this blog, I’ll continue to post non-Japan reviews and maintain my 365photo task here so it won’t be completely neglected!

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