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Quick Update: about the chibi art!

I have a lot of photos and posts to work on, but I wanted to make a quick update before people forgot about this:

The illustration on the cards I had at AX were done by my lovely friend Yuki~ :kiraheart:

She is currently open for commissions and charges a very reasonable rate (too little, in my opinion!) for her gorgeous work~ :ehup:

I’ll probably update this blog’s layout using chibi Saku relatively soon…

Translation Requests?

So, in an effort to get myself more reading/comprehension practice, I’m opening myself to JP->EN translations.

Feel free to leave a comment or message me on twitter with links to text and/or images you want to be able to read!

Please understand that I’m not interested in undertaking any major projects just yet (read: I will not translate an entire game or novel. I’m not there yet ^^; ) so I may turn down your request due to it being too long or difficult.

Things like Yahoo! Japan auction descriptions, text on websites, and short blog entries are all okay!

(P.S. I’ve updated the October Arrivals list with a couple new images!)

settling for a temporary layout

No end to the sky-scraping adverts
(photo mine, of Akihabara in January, 2006, during my first visit.)

So, since I’m leaving for Japan in less than a week (!!) I’ve decided there’s no way for me to finish a complete blog layout (my coding skillz are kinda rusty… :bhdown: ) I’ve just hijacked this rotating headers one and created a few headers for now. Hopefully I’ll take some better photos soon so I can make prettier ones XD;

I also owe reviews for figma Mio, figma Yui, figma fighting waitress!Mikuru, figma Kagami (winter ver)…. -_-; er, I’m pretty behind :skulldown:
あとは、figma澪、 figma唯、 figma戦うウェートレス!みくる、 figmaかがみ(冬服)…. ずいぶん落ちてしまいましたね :skulldown:

Oh! and these smilies are courtesy of Mitsu @ Universal Doll (the text-based ones) and Jays @ Babydoll.nu (Marie & other animated) :pachi: (well, I haven’t uploaded the Mitsu-emoji yet, but I probably will)
あっ!それで、この絵文字はMitsu @ Universal Doll (テキスト系の) と Jays @ Babydoll.nu (マリーちゃん & そのほかの動き絵文字)のおかげですよ!(まっ、まだテキスト系のをアップしていないんだけど、もうすぐそうするかもしれません。)


186 of 365

So, the site’s still not finished yet, but, I kinda felt like “I want to write already!!” so I chose a skin and will use it until I finish my own.

What will the topics of this blog be?

First of all, cute things!


Also, digi.tech things! In other words, things like laptops, cameras, iPods, PSP…

Other than that, dolls and figures.

Oh, I’ll probably also talk about 2D stuff. Anime, manga, and maybe a bit about games, too.

Ah! And of course anything related to Japan~

Actually, this is my second blog. The other is “milkypink.net”

So, why did I make this?

The reason for that is, this is the place for my interests, and that is the place for things just about me.
For people who like various types of media, they might not care about me specifically, but they have an interest in what I’ve bought, or what anime I’m watching, so I thought I’d compartmentalize things a bit.

Also, I was thinking I wanted to practice my Japanese, so this would be a good chance for that.

Once again, thanks for reading!

(img mine, of Kagamin~)

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