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another portrait: Yui


Yui’s probably the only girl who’s kept her original wig. Eventually I plan on changing it, but I haven’t found a style I thought suited her better than her default… finally changed her out of the uniform though~☆


IMG_0656This is Yui, my fourth DD. She is based on Hirasawa Yui from K-ON!, a series that I actually know and like! I got her both because I love K-ON!, but also because she came with a guitar~ 1/3rd size instruments are somewhat difficult to find, and are often expensive…


another portrait: Rin


just two girls left!


IMG_0616This is Rin, my second DD, who was based on Tohsaka Rin from Fate/Stay Night, another story I’m mostly vaguely familiar with even though I did watch the anime. Rin was my grail girl very early on and I stalked yahoo! Japan auctions for a while before finding a good deal on a stained Rin. I did my best to bring her back to good condition, and I don’t regret it at all, despite her being my most expensive girl so far. Her gorgeous mature face and sly smile still capture my heart…


another portrait


I specifically changed her outfit to something more mature and elegant…. but you can’t see it at all, in the end ahaha;

This picture captured her personality the best, somehow.

Sakura arrived last year, but I never properly introduced her…. she will probably also get some more modifications and a rename, but for now she’s just Sakura.


IMG_0577This is Sakura, my sixth and most recent DD girl. Her original model was Sakura from Sakura Taisen, a story I’m only vaguely familiar with. I like her because she reminds me of DD Rina, but with a softer, younger feel. She has the more classic beautiful look to her, and probably would look good in anything. I hadn’t intended to keep her in this blonde wig, but it suits her so well I can’t bring myself to change it…


Happy New Year…. again!

Well, it appears I neglected this blog for an entire year… hopefully this year I’ll be around more! School was really eating up my time, but I’m almost done now~

To ease back into the habit, here’s the first two photos in 2014’s 365photo series:



For the first part of my 365 series, I’ll be taking portrait photos of all my girls! (Well, all the ones with faces, anyway.)



IMG_0528This is Marisa – yes, modeled on that Kirisame Marisa – who was my fifth DD. When she was released, I resisted for a long time, but…. she won me over with her subtle w mouth and I caved. (She also was released on a new body – the Dollfie Dream Sister – which was a little smaller than the standard DDII body, and came with the most adorable clenched hands…) I’ve never dressed Marisa in her stock outfit, and she tends to have a kind of schoolgirl vibe.



IMG_0509This is Saku, who was my very first Dollfie Dream. I might do a small post on them later, but basically they’re expensive adorable 60cm vinyl dolls that are released in a limited quantity and are often modeled after anime or game characters. Before Saku, I had another 60cm doll that looked slightly more human, and is a ball-jointed resin doll that is strung (rather than having an internal skeleton). I find DDs to be significantly easier to dress up and pose, so I haven’t taken the BJD out of her case in a long time….


Happy New Year!


Just a quick shot of Rin since I was dressing her up today….

Hopefully I’ll be posting more of my girls in the coming months~

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