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so the above image was dinner.

卵焼き[tamagoyaki] and rice topped with 野菜ふりかけ [yasai furikake].

although, I should say the tamagoyaki was more faux-shoku than 和食 [washoku] – the usual recipe calls for mirin and dashi… neither of which I had. so it’s just eggs, soy sauce and sugar. I did my best to roll it properly though! in my special tamagoyaki pan  :wink:

this whole week is turning into faux-shoku – my lunch this week is salmon flakes (on rice), which, again, was supposed to use sake and mirin, but I had neither. to be fair, when I started I did believe I had sake, at least. unfortunately I only had rice vinegar, which is…. not even close to any kind of substitute for either. the salmon is still quite good!

I bought a bilingual Japanese cookbook about half a year back, and I think I’ll start trying to make some items from it. cooking remains a challenge primarily due to limited refrigerator space – sharing a single fridge with three other people is… interesting. but it does force me to be very careful not to buy more than I’m going to use in the near future, since I don’t have space to buy more food if I decide not to use it….

brownies with 2x as many edges!

I’m the kind of person who likes their bread always toasted, and my hot dogs basically black.

Essentially, the crispier the better.

I’m also the kind of person who prefers edge brownies to middle brownies – the mushy crumbly center pieces get left in the container for as long as I can stand it. As M said, if there’s a brownie craving, then I’ll give, but if I can avoid it (i.e. push them off onto someone who will appreciate them) then I will.

Enter the All Edges Brownie Pan by Baker’s Edge
all-edges brownie pan
baker's edge

Shaped in a unique way that reminds me of a maze, the pan ensures that every brownie will have at least one edge, if not two or three! Ideally this sounds great! No wasted – or at least required to be passed off to other people – brownies.
However it’s not uncommon for innovative-seeming items to fail in the execution – great idea, not so great product. Would this one match expectations?

After reading the instructions (wash before use with hot soapy water, towel dry), I set about making my first batch of edge-full brownies.

First off, I should mention that the pan is much heavier than I thought it would be. Picking up the box, when I received it, I thought to myself “cast iron?!”
but in reality it’s not quite that heavy.
I suppose the increase in weight is at least partially due to it containing at least 40% more metal than typical baking pans, but I think the overall material is different, and not as lightweight as I’m used to. Hopefully this means higher levels of durability.

Pouring my box mix in (I’m lazy, forgive me!), I found it relatively easy to navigate the winding path without spilling batter all over the place.
all-edges raw brownie mix
When I did get bits on the middle/sides, I simply pushed it down with my spatula. The coating seemed very slick and the batter did not stick much.
I did have to take some time to even out the distribution, since I figured it wouldn’t settle naturally in the oven. (I do this also with regular brownie pans – I had a disaster one time where half came out burnt, the other uncooked (-_-; ))

The instructions warned me that the pan might cook brownies faster than normal pans, so I set my timer for 22 minutes (the box said 24-26).

22 minutes later, my center brownies were still not cooked.
4 more minutes after that, not quite perfect.
An unspecified amount of time sitting in the no longer actively heating oven, and I determined them cooked.
all-edges cooked brownies

What I most had to get used to with this pan was not knowing how to cut the brownies. I’m used to doing two longway cuts and three perpendicular cuts to that, but the center metal makes this more difficult. I cut each section individually, to varying degrees of success. I think further practice will result in more equally sized brownies. (I ended up with some very small and some very large ones.)

Fresh after cooling, the first piece I took was the three-edged brownie from the top left corner.
Three edges! Impossible in normal pans <3 It was quite nice~ Sadly brownies are not quite as good a couple days later, even if reheated. Not bad, mind you, just not the special crispy goodness that my first piece was. I wish there was a better way to preserve it. For $30, it's a bit steep for a brownie pan, but if you love edges it might be worth it. (I bought mine with the geek points I'd saved up, so for me it feels like it was "free", and therefore seems more than worth the price XD)

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