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April, 2015:

Perpetually Starting Over

So I keep thinking I should write more here.

And then I write a little, and think about it a lot, and then decide I don’t really know what I want to do, so I stop.

This cycles around pretty frequently.

Most of the time this is because I feel like I should really have A Purpose to write, or a theme to follow, in order to… what? keep the small following that I no longer have?

I’ve always found myself to be a difficult person to classify, or put into any particular group. I don’t say this to be all ~special and unique~ but rather that, any predefined category that I discover, I find myself… more than a little unsuited for.


I’ve become ridiculously girly ([vague promises about showcasing my room go here]), but I can’t say I’m any kind of expert on the subject or any of its subcategories like makeup or fashion – or even just cute things! I love cute things, but really, only certain kinds of cute things. I am less of a cute thing connoisseur than a lover of very specific cute things. And other atypical things I adore. Like hammerhead sharks.


I’ve come to really enjoy making different kinds of food! But… although my palette has increased exponentially since going through a very restrictive diet, I’m hard-pressed to consider myself a foodie. I don’t seek out restaurants or create recipes. I just… make what I want to make and eat it for a week straight (sometimes two!). I still don’t really drink alcohol, and that still seems to confuse a lot of people, but that’s a topic for another time.

I want to exercise more and get stronger~! But… I’m definitely not doing any kind of strength training right now, and most of what I am doing can be classified as a few yoga stretches at best. Mostly, I’m really lazy.

I still like my dolls! But… I haven’t felt inspired to really do anything with them lately, unfortunately.


I’m still interested in becoming more proficient in Japanese (and recently, Korean!) but I don’t use it in day to day life so much anymore… (unless you count shopping).


I do a lot with technology and code for work, but aside from having kind of an imposter complex about it, what I do is really low-level compared to what I know lots of other people are doing! I fix things and create patchwork solutions, but I don’t write whole programs (usually – and what I do write tends to be very small and self-contained). I really enjoy working with all of that and there are other things I’d love to do with them, but I’m not… not right now.


Basically, I’m not an expert at any of these things. The only thing I’m really suited to talk about is being that strange mashup of interests. Technology, girly-girl, Japanese language & fashion, dolls, and food! So that makes this a lifestyle blog, really, and I have trouble coming to terms with that, somehow.


On the one hand, that means I have to accept that people would come here because they’re interested in me… or at least some of the topics I discuss. On the other hand that means… well, what does it mean? That I write about day to day things, and for me, day to day is… well, maybe not that interesting most of the time. I live in the country I grew up in, a little closer to the major city than I used to be, but not too far from where I started. I’ve been many places around the world now, and while I won’t say I want to stay here forever, I’m okay being here for now. Oh right, add travel to that list above! And Visual Novels, and video games, and idols, and photography….

So here we are. Miu’s Lifestyle Blog About Nothing In Particular.

(I won’t change the name though, I like my bad pun.)

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