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February, 2014:


2014.051Even more camera add-ons! (Well just one this time.) This is a nifty little flash bounce made specifically for NEX camera stock flashes. I’ve been using some aluminium foil as a hack solution up until now, but this looks a lot sleeker on and works fantastically! Not expensive, but takes a long time to arrive as it’s shipped from Korea using the cheapest post.




50 days done! More goodies for the new camera – white balance cap and lens thread adapter for it.

slowly catching up with backlog

If you follow the rss feed for this blog, you might notice that I filled in the rest of January with 365photos! I’ll fill in February soon…

School is still keeping me very busy (tonight I’m awake because I had to finish part of a project orz;; ) so I still can’t devote tons of time to this blog, but I’m definitely making plans (and lists!) for when I make my inevitable comeback~

So as you might know, I’m often mistaken for younger than I am… this isn’t because I’m short (I’m not) or that I dress childishly (I don’t think??) but perhaps because of my small face… in the past I’ve been mistaken for up to 8 years younger than my real age! But today we reached a new low… a coworker said I looked 12! (°口°;) !!(a statement that was later revised to 15 after I protested)

I’m only an inch taller than I was at 12 so I guess that’s not too far off but-

am I now aging backwards???

(no it was obviously hyperbole but this person is younger than me even!)

if only I could cure my undereye circles, then I’d feel confident that I really seemed so young ahaha;; 



So many snowy days recently… -_-;



Reading a bunch for my final course in my degree… I keep textbooks on my iPad whenever possible because it’s so much lighter and I can always read any time I have a few minutes.


2014.047Another nonsense shot of Lucilla (filter by Camera360, as usual)



2014.046Made pizza dough and I thought the swirl in the yeast foam looked pretty… photo didn’t really capture it though :(



2014.045Lucilla isn’t sure about SH2…..



2014.044Nonsense… my pinky nail fell off, so I tried to capture it, but this was the best I could do;;;




Messing around with what I can achieve for macro – vanilla ice cream, pecans, choc chips and kosher salt! Really yummy~

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