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January, 2014:


2014.021So because the humidity was really low in my room I bought this cute drop-shaped blue & white humidifier~ It’s not quite as effective as I was hoping, though… but I guess unless it really runs all day long it won’t be that effective….



2014.020Not the most glamorous or interesting photo… bought a hygrometer to see how the humidity was doing in my room – 35% is not bad, but not great. Some days it would get down into the 20s and teens…





Briefly went back to playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for a while… I love hammerheads! My favorite shark <3

the re-beginning

What is this?

Well, it’s a blog about things in my life – primarily cute or interesting things that I think are worth sharing. Right now I’m trying to complete 365photo for the… probably fourth time since I started back in 2010. I’ve never completed, but I’ve come close! In particular, this year I’m trying to use primarily my Canon 60D DSLR since it is sadly underused by me due to… well, not really knowing how to use it properly. (Also it weighs about 7-8 lbs!) During the course of the year, I’ll allow myself some leeway depending on circumstances, especially if I’m away from home for a while.

I may post some older content from my previous blog – while I obliterated the archives, some of the content was actually useful and should live on (if only so I can remember it).

Occasionally I’ll do some reviews of products or other things that I use regularly and – unless by some bizarre miracle this blog gets really popular and people start paying me to do it – all of those reviews will be my opinion and things I bought with my own hard earned cash.

So I’ll start by posting my 365 backlog and we’ll see how things go from there!



IMG_0762So these are some of the items from the most recent Sephora order that I tried today… I’ll do a proper post on them later so I won’t spoil my impressions, but I do really like the packaging for Boscia, in any case…



IMG_0758Big Vitacost order – I went in looking to buy Beanitos (which are amazing by the way) and added some things to get free shipping and then found a code that would allow me to get the same amount off that I would need to buy to use the coupon…. I did get duplicates of some of the items here – the pumpkin seeds (two of each of both kinds) and Beanitos (four bags).



IMG_0742Another Sephora order, one that quickly pushed me over the required amount to become a Beauty VIB… unfortunately I probably won’t order anything else from there for several months,  per my usual pattern…



IMG_0739_lThis is a random shot of my white artificial tiny tree because the shot I was trying to take turned out pretty blah… It’s a winter tree, not a Christmas tree, so I don’t have to take it down yet, okay!



IMG_0709An oddly off-center photo of another recent beauty get – Shiseido mini curler! Will review this soon…



IMG_0702Another lazy shot, but it’s representative of my day, somewhat…. trying out a new grocery/pantry app to help me keep track of what I have and what I need. I’ll review this if I end up really using it a lot…


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