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January 2nd, 2014:

Happy New Year…. again!

Well, it appears I neglected this blog for an entire year… hopefully this year I’ll be around more! School was really eating up my time, but I’m almost done now~

To ease back into the habit, here’s the first two photos in 2014’s 365photo series:



For the first part of my 365 series, I’ll be taking portrait photos of all my girls! (Well, all the ones with faces, anyway.)



IMG_0528This is Marisa – yes, modeled on that Kirisame Marisa – who was my fifth DD. When she was released, I resisted for a long time, but…. she won me over with her subtle w mouth and I caved. (She also was released on a new body – the Dollfie Dream Sister – which was a little smaller than the standard DDII body, and came with the most adorable clenched hands…) I’ve never dressed Marisa in her stock outfit, and she tends to have a kind of schoolgirl vibe.


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