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January, 2014:



My boots are in some sad shape! Hopefully they’ll last through this winter at least… I’m so sad though, they’re really comfy and fur-lined~


2014.030Sort of a pre-birthday dinner, I guess! Swordfish, potatoes, cocktail shrimp and asparagus~




An overview shot of my latest Taobao order! Made possible by the always wonderful Taobaospree <3 An enormous amount of leggings and some sweaters and skirts. Fully stocked for the winter!




Under the influence of certain friends, I downloaded and started playing a certain game…. I was going to wait for mh4u which will have online play, but it went on sale and I got really curious….;;



Trying to get back into following Japanese fashion trends… unfortunately my favorite magazine died back in 2009, but ViVi is still around! (Also Non-no, my second favorite <3 )


2014.026More pictures of kitty because she’s been spending more time in my room lately.. she was sleeping, but seems to have a sixth sense for the camera… suspicious eyes




More lazy… been watching AGDQ2014 which has been pretty interesting and occasionally a lot of fun, esp games that I played growing up like Jazz Jackrabbit!!



This is what happens with 365 sometimes. I’m just… lazy. Enjoy my spaceheater, a little out of season white tree and monitor…


2014.23The most boring looking food ever, but this has become my go-to breakfast. Simple chicken congee – 1 cup rice, 6 cup water, 4 cup chicken broth, 1″ piece of ginger, chicken breast… I eat it with soy sauce or with a bit of garlic salt! Sometimes I add veggies, but mostly I like it plain… It’s also the ultimate lazy breakfast food – dump everything into a slow cooker, set it to low, and let it run for 8 hours. Instant breakfast for when you wake up!



2014.022Every so often, I’ll pull out these Anastasia eyebrow stencils to see how I’m maintaining my brows – the petite arch is the only one that really works with my small face;;; (and even that seems too long sometimes…)


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