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May Expected Arrivals

It’s time for May’s list!

Kousaka Kirino figma
(img from amiami) I’m a little less fond of Kirino’s figma incarnation than I am of her nendoroid, but she’s still cute XD and I love Kirino as a character (yes, even though she can be abrasive at times).

OreImo Mascot Netsuke BOX
(img from amiami) I love cell phone straps… I love OreImo… even yandere!Ayase is in there! :heartbounce:

Danbou Revoltech (よくできましたver)
(img from amiami) I never watched (or read) Yotsuba to!, but this figure… is too weird/cute to pass up. I’d considered hunting one down previously, but I’m glad I waited. Having the sakura “well done!” stamp on the back makes it perfect XDD

Suzumiya Haruhi no Kyougaku (book)
(no img yet…) While I may have my doubts about the series’ origins and quality of plot… I can’t deny that I find it interesting (even fascinating at times). So, I preordered the new book. I don’t have all the ones in between yet, but I’m working my way up.

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