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mini Saku post

So I’ve been trying to get more comfortable with just taking photos of Saku whenever I bring her places. The last time I brought her on a trip, I took zero photos :skulldown: :ng:

It looks like a lot of travel will be in my future, so I’ve invested in a new doll carry bag from Dollmore (in pink, of course!) after discovering it via Wolfheinrich on twitter XDD I’ll let you know how that works out after it arrives.

In the meantime… some photos!


Saku playing with her new PSP (thankfully I got a pink color out of random selection!)

gazing out onto the terrace (and you can see how her hair is arranged in the back)

that face~ :nibaihato:



not a great shot, but I loved how she looked surprised here~ (either that or enthralled in some game… wonder if she’s playing Project Diva just like me…)

if you’re curious, yes Saku is wearing new clothing bought in Tokyo, along with a new wig. I wasn’t crazy about it on her initially, but it has really grown on me XD; she also is now on a DDS body.

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