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February Expected Arrivals

another month, another list of pre-orders!
February’s list is moderately long, but March’s will be almost non-existant, strangely enough. Not sure why March is such a dead spot…

nendoroid Kousaka Kirino
(img from amiami) this should be no surprise, given my (mild) obsession with OreImo XD; maybe I’ll actually change out Konata’s face to match with Kirino’s “haaa~” expression XD

Kotobukiya Kousaka Kirino
(img from amiami) this 1/8th scale figure of Kirino will actually be my first non-gatchapon single-pose figure! I tend not to have much interest in them because I get bored with poses relatively easily, thus my owning almost exclusively poseable figures like nendoroids and figmas. But Kotobukiya’s Kirino called out to me – she was too cute! I much prefer this Kirino to the Chara-ani one. Incidentally, it’s been pretty popular, and although I got in on the original pre-order, Kotobukiya’s opened up a second release, due out in May.

nendoroid Sanzenin Nagi
(img from amiami) I love Hayate no Gotoku! and since I have perhaps an all-too-obvious fondness for tsunderes and otaku girls, Nagi’s an obvious choice. (Incidentally, my ideal tsundere ratio is 70% tsun to 30% dere – I’ll accept 8/2 if it fits within the personality, but 9/1 just seems mean and 6/4 and below is less a tsundere and more… well, normal. But that’s just me.) I love how she comes with Tama and a PSP-looking game system~~

Tantei Opera Milky Holmes vol. 2 with puchi nendoroid Sherlock Shellingford (DVD)
(img from amiami) Milky Holmes nendoroids keep being exclusives, but the design has totally sucked me in! OTL;; this will probably be the last exclusive MH figure I acquire – I liked the other girls, but… not enough to collect the whole set of puchi nendos.

And that’s it for February! A fairly un-diverse list…. ^^;;;
Aside from my Dengeki G magazine subscription, there’s not much of anything scheduled for March, so I may treat my DD girls to something nice instead~ but that depends upon what’s available, mostly. I’m so picky OTL;;

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