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December Expected Arrivals

This (past) month’s list is going to be a long one. I don’t know why everything comes out in December (Christmas, maybe?) or perhaps it’s just everything I want coming out in Dec, but either way…

Here we go…
Umineko no naku koro ni: Ronde of Witches and Deduction (PS3)
(img from amiami) It’s no secret I love Umineko, so this should be no surprise. Supposedly all pre-orders come with red & blue truth pens XD; We’ll see. I did take a look at the other preorder items from various stores, but some of them are kind of… strange XD; (the Ange money clip is pretty epic, though, I have to say.)

Nendoroid Petite: K-ON! (the first) BOX
(img from amiami) I wavered for a while as to whether or not I actually wanted to get these, but in the end I caved. Mostly after understanding that you could do more than just pop the heads off and switch bodies XD (I don’t have any petites at the moment – the AB! set is my first~) This is probably the only way I’ll have the whole band together – I consider getting Azunyan from time to time, but I’m not that interested. A petite set seemed the best option~

Nendoroid Katsura Hinagiku
(img from amiami) …if you think I’m getting her just because she has pink hair you’re wrong!! (but partially right…) I love Hayate the Combat Butler and Hinagiku is definitely one of my top favorite charas – (Nagi’s #1 though~ can’t beat the twintail tsundere otakuko XD). And she comes with cat ears and a tail!

Ore no imouto ga konna ni kawaii wake ga nai 1: Perfect First Release Edition Blu-ray
(img from amiami) I’m obviously entering a slippery slope with this one, but I really enjoy watching OreImo and I want to support it~ limited edition release because it doesn’t make sense to spend money on it otherwise XD; comes with a CD, mini-book, illustrated pin-up and character commentary (which I’m actually really looking forward to if it’s Ayacchi and Kana-chan – I ♥ OreImo radio XDDD).

K-ON!! 6 Limited Edition Blu-ray
(img from amiami) I love K-ON. So I should support it. So I am. And um, I kind of want to get all of both seasons (because I’ve been moebrainwashed, obviously). Anyway~! we’ll see how this goes… XD; I occasionally check y!Ja for good deals on the first season but lots of the sellers have bad feedback :/ so I get discouraged XP

Tantei Opera: Milky Holmes [Limited Edition] (PSP)
I preordered this initially to secure the Sharo/Sheryl nendoroid in the event that I really loved Milky Holmes XD I don’t exactly love the show, but it’s definitely grown on me XDDD I think I’ve seen the worst of it so far (that nipple thing ><'') so it's unlikely I'll hate the game XD;

Dengeki G’s Magazine – Jan 2011
Since I have a subscription to Dengeki G, I ought to be receiving this issue, which contains a cute Kirino figure~

Dengeki G’s Festival Vol. 19

I wasn’t going to get this, originally, but I caved… an OreImo feature, Kuroneko figure, and Kirino microfiber towel~ the magazine itself is laughably skinny compared to the normal Dengeki releases (even Moeoh is thicker than that!) but I suppose that’s not what it’s really about… XD;

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