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November Expected Arrivals

Well this is a bit late in posting, but since the amiami order hasn’t shipped yet I’m still good, I think >_>

Starting with things that have already arrived:

Dengeki G’s Magazine – Dec 2010
This month’s edition comes with two “bath posters” – one of Kuroko and one of Kanade – as well as an OreImo pencil board~ I’ll talk about the contents in detail in a later post.

Dengeki Moeoh – Dec 2010
Trying out this magazine to see if I like it; it’s a bi-monthly (that is to say, released every two months) publication filled entirely with illustrations of cute 2D girls. That’s… pretty much it XD; This month’s edition comes with 2 swimsuit stick posters – the blond girl kind of reminds me of Satoko (from Higurashi)…

Angel Beats! nendoroid petite set 02
(image and ordered from amiami) Yui, Kanade and that guy Yuzuru in puchi form~

Momoiro Clover – Pinky Jones Limited Edition C w/ DVD (Yosuga no Sora ED)
(image and ordered from amiami) This song got stuck in my head and wouldn’t leave ><. I don't pretend to understand the meaning of the title....

I told you it was a short list… I did get a couple other things, including wigs for Saku and other small odds and ends, but the above are all my preorders.
I’d better get started on the Dec expected arrivals… that list is much longer…. XD;

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