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New Regulations Regarding Shipping from Japan to US

In the last day or so, it was announced that after November 17th Japan Post will not be accepting any packages over the weight of 453g (slightly under 1lb) for shipping to the United States. This decision seems to have been made in response to the recent mail bombings that have occurred.

This regulation allows an exception for any businesses that have a monthly contract with Japan Post.
(A post on /toy/ (4chan board) has an e-mail from AmiAmi that claims that Japan Post will only be disallowing packages with missing info: no return address, etc. This was not part of Japan Post’s official statement.)

How does this affect you?
Individual sellers and small companies that bring packages to the post office and pay there, rather than have items picked up at their place of business and pay monthly, will no longer be able to ship packages over 1lb to the United States.
Additionally, companies with a contract of less than 30 days will also be affected.

I will be compiling a list of stores that have either posted a notice or replied to me by e-mail regarding this issue.

Please be aware that if the company is fairly large they likely already have a contract and should not be adversely affected.

Transcription of PDF into txt:

郵便事業株式会社(東京都千代田区、代表取締役社長 鍋倉 眞一)は、米国等あてに航空運送する郵便物で重量453グラム(16オンス)以上のものについて、最近のテロリストの脅威に対する米国の航空保安強化に伴い、これからを名あて地まで航空運送する手段がなくなることから、平成22年11月17日(水)から当分の間、その引受けを停止することとしますので、お知らせいたします。

1 引受停止する郵便物

名あて国 郵便物の種類 郵便物の重量 料金納付方法
  • 航空通常郵便物
  • 航空小包郵便物
  • SAL通常郵便物
  • SAL小包郵便物
  • 国際スピード郵便物(EMS)
453グラム(16オンス)以上 原則、料金後納又は料金計器別納でないもの(切手貼付など)

2 その他


(Translation forthcoming, but basically it says everything I said above.)

PDF statement released by Japan Post (Japanese)
Reddit Post (English)
/toy/ post with AmiAmi e-mail (English)

Sites Not Affected

Noppin, formally Crescent Shop, reassured by this news posting
Tenso, via e-mail: “Tenso.com operate as usual so you may set your mind at ease. For the following reasons Tenso.com can ship as usual. 1. get through the screening 2.time-proven”
Shopping Mall Japan, via these two forum topics (provided by photogemi @ Twitter)
Rinkya, via this formspring post
Celga, via their facebook wall (scroll down, or browser search for “Japanese Post Office”)
AmiAmi, via e-mail: “Please note that it does not seem like it affects to our service. As we had also heard the info we have contacted with Japan Post and they said that that is for “unidentified mailing goods and parcels” and as long as it shows the sender and the reciever’s names and addresses it would be no problem.”
Hobby Link Japan, via e-mail: “We will be posting a notice, but Japan Post has assured us that as a long-term user with a contractual relationship, our shipments will not be affected.”
Tokyo Hunter, via their twitter
Hobby Search, via e-mail: “Please be assured that the rule you refer to only applies individual users so that our business is not affected by it.”
Otacute, via e-mail: “About that notice, we have received from JPS also and they said that we have business with JPS for longer than 10 years, we are fine.”
Goody Japan, via e-mail: “We can send out all the parcels as usual, but it takes so long time to arrive at your place because the parcels will have a strict inspection in JAPAN and in USA. It might take 2 – 4 weeks even if you choose EMS.”

Sites Pending Confirmation

cdjapan (contacted, but should also be fine)

I will update this as I get more information.

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