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October Expected Arrivals

this list is subject to change as I order more things but at this point it’s not likely until the end of the month, anyway.

figma Dead Master

I, er, still haven’t seen BRS, but I saw her and said “YES, MUST HAVE.” >_> Maybe it’s the curls, maybe it’s the expression…. or the fact that she comes with two floating skulls. Who knows~ :hee: but a very appropriate October release, assuming she gets here before Halloween XD;

Umineko no naku koro ni note.13 (DVD) Special Golden Edition ver

No image yet because there doesn’t seem to be one XD; BUT! the contents of this package should be pretty nice: Ange/Mammon dakimakura cover and Maria’s notebook! I’m hoping they did something neat with that >_> Plus I’m supporting the DVD sales, etc. etc. (It’s mostly for Ange/Mamo-nee because, come on. ♥)

K-ON! Houkago Tea Time II First Release Limited Edition (CD)

HTT’s final album T___T limited edition comes with a cassette tape… not like I even have a tape player anymore, but XD; pretty packaging~☆ plus, it’s K-ON! so I have to.

Dengeki G’s Magazine November

(I’ve actually already received this XD;) Kuroko’s oneesama (a.k.a. Biribiri) on the cover – comes with two bathroom posters – one of Misaka in a swimsuit getting splashed, and the other of Yuri from Angel Beats! in a bikini – as well as a Love Plus pencil board. Not sure yet if I’ll keep the board, since I’m not a big Love Plus fan (the other side you can’t see in that image is of the three girls in yukata, which is actually kind of cute – the bicycle is pretty blah for me.)

Dengeki Bunko Magazine vol. 16: Ore no Imouto Special!

Can you guess why I’m getting this? XD;; Comes with a Kino no Tabi/Durarara!! reversible pass case, which could be neat… maybe. (I do like DRRR!!) and a giant Ore no Imouto poster~~☆ I’m hoping it’s mostly Kirino focused and not the standard “Hey, here’s everybody! :D” image that’s being slapped around everywhere -_-;

ClariS / irony (Ore no Imouto OP) Anime Ver First Release (CD)

Again, no-brainer, since I’m so wrapped up in this series right now XD

DD Sakuno!

Sakuno should hopefully be arriving this month, but if she gets shipped at the end of the month, she might not actually get here until November. I’ll definitely make an unboxing post once she arrives~☆

I think that’s it!

I’m working on a review for the K-ON! PSP game and that should be up fairly soon~ (if I can pull myself away from playing the game enough to finish writing it :wink: )

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