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October, 2010:

“Little Sister” | 「妹」


Is this girl…. my older sister?

HTT Cassette Passcase (K-ON! merch)

I first saw this passcase when I was in Tokyo recently, but passed on it initially due to me having no particular use for it.
But… the more I thought about it, the more I wanted it. Especially with the end of the anime T_T

HTT tape passcase

Sakuno tries out posing | 桜乃はポーズやってみる


Sakuno’s Arrival! | 桜乃登場!

Sakuno arrival
The box.

Translation Requests?

So, in an effort to get myself more reading/comprehension practice, I’m opening myself to JP->EN translations.

Feel free to leave a comment or message me on twitter with links to text and/or images you want to be able to read!

Please understand that I’m not interested in undertaking any major projects just yet (read: I will not translate an entire game or novel. I’m not there yet ^^; ) so I may turn down your request due to it being too long or difficult.

Things like Yahoo! Japan auction descriptions, text on websites, and short blog entries are all okay!

(P.S. I’ve updated the October Arrivals list with a couple new images!)

October Expected Arrivals

this list is subject to change as I order more things but at this point it’s not likely until the end of the month, anyway.

figma Dead Master

I, er, still haven’t seen BRS, but I saw her and said “YES, MUST HAVE.” >_> Maybe it’s the curls, maybe it’s the expression…. or the fact that she comes with two floating skulls. Who knows~ :hee: but a very appropriate October release, assuming she gets here before Halloween XD;

A Certain Language Study


I love getting 2D merch that’s actually practical, because that way I can get things done and enjoy seeing my favorite characters~♥
For this reason, I own a lot of clear files and pencil boards XD; (My stationery collection, let me show you it.)

Currently I’m attacking grammar for the JLPT N2. The book on the left is the original study guide (which is actually sitting on top of the book I’m using to cross-reference so you can’t really see it XD;), then my notebook with Railgun pencil board, and finally my chosen writing arsenal for this task: a 0.3mm pink mechanical pencil, click eraser, and five colors of double-tipped hi-lighters (all bought from JetPens, by the way – I love that store :hee: )

Bonus closeup shot of Kuroko~~ (and her oneesama)


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