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Recent arrivals

The other day, I received a package from Hobby Search (my first order from them!).
A fairly small order, but it contained two things I wanted and couldn’t buy elsewhere.

Aryanna + new goods!


First and most importantly is the Yui stick cushion… otherwise known as a dolly-sized dakimakura XD I saw this adorable cushion when I was in Japan, and passed on it since I was trying to be selective, but since I ended up not having much time to go shopping, I was never able to go back to buy it after I decided I did want it after all >< Luckily Hobby Search had one in stock~ まずは、この大事な唯のスティッククッション。。。やっぱりこれは人形にとしてちょうどいいサイズ - 抱き枕ということですねwww 日本にいた時には見たんだけど、買いすぎないようにがんばったんだから、買わなかったけど、後は「やっぱりほしいなぁ」と思ったとき、もう遅かったです。>< ホビーサーチで買えるのがよかったですね~ Yui microfiber mini-towel

Since I was making an order anyway, I threw in a few of the K-ON! trading mini microfiber towels. I ended up with the pink Yui design, a secret (or super-secret? I’m not sure) red/green plaid nekomimi design featuring Mio, Azunyan, Yui and Nodoka (for some reason…) and…. a Mio/Ritsu version that I dislike so I didn’t even take a photo of it XD;

Kirino mirror ♥

The other main reason for this order was this pink Kirino mirror :kiraheart: I saw it on amiami but it was sold out already T__T I see a lot of OreImo merch in my future….
ほかの大事なグッズはこのピンクの桐乃ミラーなのです。 :kiraheart: あみあみに見たんだけど、そんなときにもう売れ切れになっちゃいました!やっぱり俺の妹のグッズいっぱい買いそうですね。。。

Omake: Aryanna in a dark brown pigtail wig I totally forgot I even owned XD (it was originally bought for one of my big-headed 1/6th scale dolls)

dark wig

dark wig 2

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