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Umineko PS3 Adaptation Announced!

Umineko no naku koro ni will have a PS3 adaptation done by Alchemist, who also did the adaptations for the Higurashi games.

Although I have a certain fondness for the original sprites (Maria and Gohda’s faces in particular just don’t come across the same way in other styles, somehow), I’m excited for this release and have already placed a pre-order through amiami.jp :hee: (The 15% discount on the price definitely didn’t hurt!)
オリジナルのたちえが気に入った(特にまりあと郷田の顔がほかの描き方に全然違うになると思います)けど、私はこのゲームソフトにすごく楽しみにしています!もう予約しましたしね :hee:

The best part about this announcement is that the original bgm tracks will be used :uehato:
最高のニューズはサウンドノベルに使った音楽が使いそうです! :uehato:

It’s just not Umineko without them :nibaihato:
あれがないなら、やっぱり「うみねこ」じゃないでしょうね! :nibaihato:

I’ve also placed a pre-order for note.13 of the anime adaptation but since there aren’t any good promo images for that yet I’ll save it for another post~

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