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August, 2010:

Intex Osaka

This photos in this post will be presented backwards from how I took them – I was too excited/nervous to take any on the way in, so I took a bunch on the way out.

Intex Osaka is a complex of buildings held on a little island outside of Osaka city – the train actually goes underwater to reach it. The land itself is quite pretty and reminds me of Makuhari city in Chiba prefecture: lots of trees and other greenery and plenty of space.

Intex Osaka Aug 1st 2010
Entering the raised walkway from the New Tram train station


Home Town Dollpa Osaka 6 report

Home Town Dollpa Osaka 6
(Taken from afar during the bingo session)

A very very late write-up about Volks’ Home Town Dollpa 6 that took place on August 1st, 2010.
Well, I did post photos to my flickr account shortly after the event, at least.

This post will be VERY picture-heavy.


Sakuno GET (& other things)

Home Town Dollpa Osaka 6

I know, I know, I’m way behind on making posts about, well, everything that’s happened in the past two weeks (JAPAN!) but…..

Episode 7 of Umineko has come out so…. I’ve been spending time reading that.

Uh, in the meantime, here’s some bullet points!

  • Sakuno GET! Due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn’t able to enter the lottery directly at Home Town Dollpa Osaka 6, so I entered the lottery for Sakuno at the Volks USA website… and won! now to wait until October… -_-
  • 桜乃ゲットだぜ!仕方がない事情があったからドルパに直接に抽選が出来なかったので、USAのボークスの抽選に出て、そして桜乃を勝ちました!んで、10月まで待てなきゃ。。。。
  • Umineko Episode 7! omg omg omg!
  • うみねこの7目のエピソード!すごすごすご~~~い!
  • HTDO6 was amazing, although my loot haul is much smaller than the amount of photos I took…
  • ドルパはすごかったけど、買ったことはとった写真よりもっともっと小さいですけどねぇ
  • the Symposium was also pretty awesome, but that’s not very otaku-related ^^; (er, okay so maybe a specific kind of music-otaku-type…)
  • 国際ハンドベル大会もすごかったけど、それはあまり「オタク」っぽいじゃないから関係ないのかしら^^;(まぁ、音楽・オタクっぽくかもしれませんよね)
  • lots of Japan photos forthcoming, although I always wish I’d taken more I ended up catching a cold so I was less energetic than normal -_-;
  • 日本の写真いっぱいとりましたけど、もっととった方がいいよねぇといつも思ってますよね。風邪のせいであまり元気じゃなかったですから。
  • Tokyo Disney Sea seems to have not changed…. except for the addition of Duffy/ShellieMay
  • ディスニーシーは変わってない。。。ダフィー以外とはね。
  • street lives & having simultaneously translated conversations with strangers over music is pretty entertaining
  • ストリートライブと他人と通訳した会話をやるなんて意外と面白いですよぉ。
  • I am apparently still pretty intelligible despite the cold, even speaking in Japanese
  • 風邪を引いちゃっても、けっこう分かられてるそうです、日本語で話すと。
  • I ate some GIANT sushi rolls x__x
  • でっかい寿司食べちゃったのですぅ。(マジででっかの。マジ。)
  • Osaka people are seriously helpful & friendly….. but afterall I’m really a Tokyo girl. (Osaka is great to visit, though!)
  • 大阪人は本当に優しくて役に立てる人なんです。。。。でもね、アタシはやっぱり東京少女なのですぅ。(大阪は旅行するのがいいところなんですけどね!)
  • I really need to go back to Kyoto and spend more than a couple hours there….
  • いつか京都に戻らなきゃ、二時間しかなかったですからね。
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