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Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep preorder

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

(image from the amazon pre-order page)

I’ve been on a little bit of a pre-order binge lately, and this is my latest: KH:Birth by Sleep for PSP. I love the Kingdom Hearts series – I’ve been following it ever since the first PS2 game came out in the US (somewhere in 2002 I think?).

After I played through the game, I really wanted to hear the Japanese voice acting, so I bought KH: Final Mix (and a shiny silver Japanese PS2!)….

Unfortunately for me, while Final Mix had Japanese text and additional game elements…. it had the English voice actors. (T__T)

I then bought the original Kingdom Hearts released in Japan.

After that… it just became sort of a tradition.

I bought KH2 when it was released in Japan (I picked it up in person in Akihabara~), but….

at the time I couldn’t read Japanese quickly enough and didn’t have enough vocabulary to figure out what was going on properly. orz.

When KH2 came out in English, I promptly bought it XD;

And then bought KH2:Final Mix+ because it came with a 3D version of Chain of Memories.

So, it ended up like this…
101 of 365

I don’t have a jp version of Chain of Memories because there’s little to no voice acting and the rest seems the same as far as I can tell. I might buy the PS2 English release of Chain of Memories (when I bought Final Mix+ there was no English release planned, I believe), not sure. And, I’m tempted to pick up Birth by Sleep while I’m in Japan, if the price isn’t too gougy.

Does anyone else buy both local and original releases of their favorite Japanese games? I wanted to buy jp The World Ends With You (also known as すばらしきこのせかい) but apparently the gameplay is much much harder o.o;;

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