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settling for a temporary layout

No end to the sky-scraping adverts
(photo mine, of Akihabara in January, 2006, during my first visit.)

So, since I’m leaving for Japan in less than a week (!!) I’ve decided there’s no way for me to finish a complete blog layout (my coding skillz are kinda rusty… :bhdown: ) I’ve just hijacked this rotating headers one and created a few headers for now. Hopefully I’ll take some better photos soon so I can make prettier ones XD;

I also owe reviews for figma Mio, figma Yui, figma fighting waitress!Mikuru, figma Kagami (winter ver)…. -_-; er, I’m pretty behind :skulldown:
あとは、figma澪、 figma唯、 figma戦うウェートレス!みくる、 figmaかがみ(冬服)…. ずいぶん落ちてしまいましたね :skulldown:

Oh! and these smilies are courtesy of Mitsu @ Universal Doll (the text-based ones) and Jays @ Babydoll.nu (Marie & other animated) :pachi: (well, I haven’t uploaded the Mitsu-emoji yet, but I probably will)
あっ!それで、この絵文字はMitsu @ Universal Doll (テキスト系の) と Jays @ Babydoll.nu (マリーちゃん & そのほかの動き絵文字)のおかげですよ!(まっ、まだテキスト系のをアップしていないんだけど、もうすぐそうするかもしれません。)

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