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Nendoroid Mio & Yui review

A very belated review of the Mio and Yui Nendoroids.

First, Mio.
Nendoroid Mio face
She arrived at the beginning of February.

Nendoroid Mio blazer
Naturally, she’s wearing the 桜高 winter uniform.

Nendoroid Mio skirt
The difference in skirt colors for the school uniform across dolls and figures amuses me a little. The Nendoroid skirts are clearly light blue (although this photo makes them look slightly grey). The Azone fabric skirts are without a doubt completely grey. I’m partial to the plaid skirt used in the original manga/4coma, anyway XD

Nendoroid Mio hair (back)
Mio’s hair actually has highlights/halo effect painted on it, which almost gives the effect of the paint having faded rather than the shiny anime-style XD;

Nendoroid Mio sans bangs
Nendoroids have three head parts: bangs, face/neck and hair. This is Mio without her bangs.

Nendoroid Mio hair
Mio’s bangs and hair pieces

Nendoroid Mio body parts
All of the body parts that came with Mio

Nendoroid Mio arm/hand
Some of the hands can be removed from the arms, like this.

Nendoroid Mio bass (strap attached)
Mio’s bass & amp

Nendoroid Mio playing
Mio playing bass

Nendoroid Mio o(;△;)/
Mio’s o(;△;)/ face

Next up is Yui!

Some box shots:
Nendoroid Yui box front

Nendoroid Yui box top

Nendoroid Yui box bottom

Nendoroid Yui box side

Nendoroid Yui box back

Nendoroid Yui box other side

Nendoroid Yui packaging
the insert packaging

Nendoroid Yui stand 01
Yui’s stand

Nendoroid Yui stand 02
(kind of looks like mouse ears… XD)

Nendoroid Yui stand 03

Nendoroid Yui stand 04

Nendoroid Yui stand 05
The stand back has a joint so you can tilt up or down as necessary

Nendoroid Yui stand 06
(if you’re wondering about all the smiley faces you see on joints, the company that’s involved with the nendoroids is called Good Smile…. XD)

Nendoroid Yui v-sign
And here we have Yui herself, sporting the double v-pose v(^ ^)v

Nendoroid Yui right

Nendoroid Yui left

the three faces of (Nendoroid) Yui
The three faces of (Nendoroid) Yui

Nendoroid Yui body parts
All the body parts that came with Yui

Nendoroid Yui まじめな顔
Yui’s serious face XD

Nendoroid Yui Giita~ (& amp)
ギー太! (Giita~!)

Nendoroid Yui (8д8)
Yui’s crying face

Nendoroid Yui head
close-up of the neck joint

and finally, some pair shots of Yui & Mio together!

Nendoroid Yui & Mio

Nendoroid Yui & Mio (aerial view)

Something I noticed when posing them together… the stands are different!

Mio’s has a much higher back:
Nendoroid Mio stand

than Yui’s:
Nendoroid Yui stand

(together, for comparison:)
Nendoroid Yui & Mio stands

Strangely enough, Yui’s stand suits Mio better because her stand interfered with her long hair. But overall Mio’s stand is more stable and I like it better. It seems like every Nendoroid I’ve bought has a different style stand… Konata’s is similar to Miku!Kagami, but they have some noticeable differences. I applaud GS for trying to constantly improve their stands, and think they’ve nearly reached a perfect setup. I look forward to seeing how they evolve in the future. (With my first Nendoroid, Kona, I didn’t think much about the stands because her long hair helped her balance enough that she didn’t need one XD;)

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