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June, 2009:

Early June Kanji Update

Okay since I haven’t done one of these wrap ups in a while, I thought I’d comment on my current progress.

I’ve been slacking a bit with inputting cards to Mnemosyne, but I’ve completed 86 lessons out of 143 total.
This doesn’t mean I’ve learned all of those, though.
My study progress with memorization is about 63/143, at least, for the moment. For the curious, that’s about 2000 words. It’s 2377 cards, but some are duplicates (using the words in different contexts) so it’s hard to calculate exactly.
Lesson 63 covers up to 858 kanji, so that gives you a better feel of where I am.

I have yet to start actual 1kyuu-specific vocabulary study. I figure I’ll have a better time of it if I can already read the characters and just worry about the combinations and definitions.

I went back and started Otona Kanji Renshuu from the beginning and have been slowly working through it from lesson 1. I didn’t realize you could chose which level you started at, and level 7 was clearly well beyond where I was at the time so I wasn’t using the software as effectively as I could have been.

I ordered a bunch of 1kyuu study books from amazon.co.jp about a month back and haven’t done much but flip through the openings to see how they’re supposed to be used. Again, kanji knowledge takes precedence because if I can’t read, it’ll just take me that much longer to get even the most basic information down.

My personal feelings on weaknesses to strengths:
Kanji, #1 weakness
Reading comprehension, least amount of practice
Grammar, pretty good understanding but don’t know the more complicated stuff
Listening comprehension, most amount of practice
Vocabulary, mostly on the same level as Listening, I feel like I pick up new words pretty quickly (although my current overall vocab level is kind of low for a 24 year old)

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