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January 15th, 2009:

Anime Update

I’ll go back and update my master list eventually, but here’s some more anime I’ve been watching and what I thought:

Shugo Chara!: I tried watching this when it first came out, and wasn’t interested. But now since it’s on Crunchyroll I thought I’d give it a second try. It’s not bad! Clearly aimed at kids (the main characters are 5th graders) but things are a little different than you’d expect so it’s entertaining :D

Toradora!: Have I said that I love this anime yet? Because I do ♥ I want to read the light novels too, but I’m on a spending ban right now… (;o;_;)o

Kannagi: This is over now, and although I liked it, I feel like nothing really happened? I don’t know, none of my questions got answered, and even MORE questions appeared in the last couple episodes. The manga’s on hiatus too so who knows what will happen with this one… (@_@)

Pretty Cure: … don’t laugh! I saw merch for this EVERYWHERE when I was in Japan so I finally gave in to see what the show was all about. Relatively typical magical girl show, but not as good as Sailormoon so far :P I’m not overly fond of it, and it’s not culturally necessary that I watch it so I might stop…

Maria Holic: This has been animated AMAZINGLY (I ♥ SHAFT!) and has a crazy OP. Only 2 episodes in, but I will be watching this one to the end for sure!

Skip Beat!: I just watched all current 14 episodes today… kind of an overload, but it’s good! Of course it’s good timing right now, to watch a show about a girl trying to break into the entertainment business in Japan… (=^_^=) ヘヘヘ (although her motives are REVENGE oriented)

Looking at the list, aren’t there a lot of anime with ! in the title?
Or am I just collecting them somehow?…

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