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Glitter, fake eyelashes

I got my package full of fake eyelashes, tubes of glue and a small eyelash curler while I was away but didn’t bother to open it until today.
That tiny eyelash curler is a godsend! I could never get my eyelashes to curl properly with the ones that go over your whole eye, but doing just the sections? It’s perfect! My eyelashes actually curl, noticeably! It really makes them look so much wider and brighter.
I got about four pairs of false eyelashes to play around with, in various styles. One of them has a silvery glitter strip, which has reminded me how much I love glitter liner. So of course I’ve been browsing online for glitter liners, and Urban Decay has come out with a light pink one! I’m excited :D
I’m planning on trying to add highlights to my hair soon, blondish ones. Maybe that will help.

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