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January 11th, 2009:

Technological Appearances

While I was looking at netbooks before, someone asked me, “Why do you put so much emphasis on design?”
They were referring specifically to my wanting a pink netbook, but it’s more than just that.
Why can’t I just deal with electronics in terms of what’s inside?
Why does the color, shape, aesthetics matter?
I am immediately inclined to ask all of you who don’t care, why don’t you?
For laptops, especially, I’m going to be using it all the time. I’ll be staring at the keyboard, the trackpad, the screen border, the cover…. how can I not care? Using the same black/grey bleh scheme makes me want to scream! It’s not me, it’s not how I feel, it isn’t my computer if it doesn’t have the look that I like.
Maybe, in the past, when there was less choice it was okay.
But now! When you can get computers in almost every color you could want, why settle?
But manufacturers still don’t understand. They make pretty notebooks with awful specs. Like they design the case and then go “oh but no one will care what we put inside! they aren’t going to actually use it.”
I hate it especially when electronics are targeted at women, with elaborate, often gaudy outsides, and internal components from five years ago! Why can’t there be high-spec’d items with a cute/stylish outside?! Is there really no market for such things? Is it so hard to have colored casings? (Dell, I’m looking at you! You have a dozen outer colors but your insides are all the same! At least make a white version!)
It’s times like this that I ponder trying to start up a company to make cute/stylish electronics with nice insides… ( > >)
For now, I’ll just keep digging through the thousands of products that all look the same to find my perfect digital companions ♥ *pets her pink WD external hdd*

Glitter, fake eyelashes

I got my package full of fake eyelashes, tubes of glue and a small eyelash curler while I was away but didn’t bother to open it until today.
That tiny eyelash curler is a godsend! I could never get my eyelashes to curl properly with the ones that go over your whole eye, but doing just the sections? It’s perfect! My eyelashes actually curl, noticeably! It really makes them look so much wider and brighter.
I got about four pairs of false eyelashes to play around with, in various styles. One of them has a silvery glitter strip, which has reminded me how much I love glitter liner. So of course I’ve been browsing online for glitter liners, and Urban Decay has come out with a light pink one! I’m excited :D
I’m planning on trying to add highlights to my hair soon, blondish ones. Maybe that will help.

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