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Decoden glue, still no perfect solution

So far I’ve used two different glues for decoden attempts, and neither was very good.
The first was a silicon glue from Strapya – it didn’t dry too fast, but it was a little puffy around the gems, and eventually peeled off in chunks, thus requiring my need to try another glue.
The second is E-6000, supposedly a pretty versatile strong glue that smells extremely toxic (and is known in California to cause cancer, yet other states don’t know?… confusing statements…) and dries way too fast, even in small patches and is kind of thick.
I’ve ordered an epoxy glue to try out (since apparently that’s what works best? aside from superglue) but I’m afraid it won’t be slow drying enough. I ordered the 30-minute formula, rather than the 5, but the photos were the same…
If you’re wondering why slow drying glue would be better than fast you probably haven’t tried to glue gems to anything before. Unless you have incredibly steady hands, it’s likely that the gems won’t end up exactly where you want them when you place them onto the glue. This means that if it bonded (or set) instantly, you’d be stuck with some pretty lousy workmanship (T△T) but! if the glue sets slowly, that means you have some time to make sure every tiny piece is exactly where you want it. The silicon glue was pretty good with this, but unfortunately in the end it peeled off… (~Д~;)
Hopefully the epoxy will arrive tomorrow so I’ll have some time to redo my phone before travelling (^ o ~)v
I wanted to deco my new headphones too but I have a different idea for them that I want new parts for so I’m not sure…
Most importantly I need to not be sick for this trip! What’s the point in escaping winter weather if you have a cold?( ̄~ ̄)

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