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Decoden fukubukuro report!

So as you may or may not have known, Strapya had decoden specific fukubukuros this year. And, being the huge sucker that I am for fukubukuros, I bought four.

You read that right.

I couldn’t resist! ~$10/ea for supposedly $60 worth of stuff? Yes please! And it turned out to all be completely cute stuff, too! Everything from pink rhinestones in four different shades and a huge range of sizes to plasticky 3D roses and cloth ribbons. There were even some star-shaped rhinestones (★) and heart-shaped ones (♥)!

I tried to take some photos of my haul before I ripped open the packaging to sort them into my cylindrical bead containers but they aren’t the best quality because I was impatient and all the packaging was shiny and sparkly… haha! XD

デコデン福袋内容01 デコデン福袋内容02 デコデン福袋内容03 デコデン福袋内容04 デコデン福袋内容05

I spent a good couple hours arranging all of that out of packaging into neat little containers (which I will take pictures of tomorrow… I should really get to bed once I’m done writing, it’s become 3am while I wasn’t looking..). Why bother doing that? Well, for one because I love to have things organized (although you wouldn’t know that by looking at my room right now, it’s crazy messy atm) but also when I plan on decorating my stuff, I want to be able to KNOW what I have and HOW much of each thing and easily configure a lovely design :D In order to fit all of these new sparklies, I bought some new containers from JoAnn’s – they have this cylinder screw-top container set that comes in a nice case with pink clasps. It’s very round and cute and easy to see everything quickly.

Also, seems almost identical to the one this decoden artist had on Tokyo Kawaii TV….

Speaking of, I’m so sad my old source on Veoh stopped uploading this show! Well, rather than that, their account was suspended?! NHK, if you don’t want people uploading your stuff on Veoh without your consent, just upload it yourself! Even add commercials, I don’t care, I want to watch! I am finding episodes here and there but it’s not reliable ( > >) Before, I wanted to go back to Japan for the phones. Now I want the TV shows?! { But not really, because if I was there I probably wouldn’t watch so much since I’d be living the trends instead of gazing longingly from afar~~ }

On a related note, in the past I’d been offered to try to live in Singapore (so would be close to Japan) but I said it was not good enough and I’m glad I did! So many stories about icky lizards and bugs… I guess if you live somewhere warm it’s inevitable. Living here, where it gets deadly cold, not so much survives year round, especially bugs. >D But still, I hate the cold. { Although I just made myself a choc chip milkshake… and am now shivering, seriously. But I love milkyshakes ♥ } Sure, we have mice, but we also have kitties who help me catch the mices >D

So now I will plan out everything I want to cover in gems and get back to you once I’ve decorated something :D

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