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Snow, and lots of it

So right after power was returned to the lands of the northeast, they were buried in snow. About a foot and a half, I would guess. Not exactly spectacular, although it does fulfill someone’s wish of a “White Christmas.”

You wouldn’t know it was going to be Christmas soon here, though. Could be any day in winter. No decorations, no lights or a tree, no Christmas movies from childhood playing on the television. I don’t know, I haven’t really bothered, I guess? It’s hard when no one around you seems to feel interested in the season. It’s just weather, or stress, or the economy or something.

There’s always something.

Fukubukuro are still exciting though the season for that doesn’t really start until closer to January. At least, that’s when they’ll shop up on yahoo!Japan auctions anyway. I preordered a bunch from Liz Lisa but there are other brands I’m contemplating. I wish the fukubukuro didn’t have coats in them, though. I can’t ever fit into Japanese sized coats because of my shoulders. Bone structure doesn’t change, even when you lose weight. I would say that’s sad, but honestly it would just be weird. Your whole body would shift around as a result (@_@)

Still using the kanji DS software, making good progress. About 13% now, which is only 400~ characters but I’m trying to get 100% on each reading and writing lesson.

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