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November, 2008:

Time to get serious again!

So, in random burst of determination, I’ve decided it’s time to get serious about Japanese again. Of course, it’s two months too late to register for the JLPT, but at least now I have a whole year to prepare for 1級?
I’m taking my cues from nihongoperapera.com right now, as he (she?) recommends the Kanji in Context books, which I’m finding to be ridiculously helpful and well-organized – and I’ve only just started! Books full of the kanji by kanji, one at a time system really were not getting the meaning across to me well enough. Not that the mnemonics offered in A Guide to Remembering Japanese Character aren’t interesting, but the lack of kana and dictionary-like approach are really only good as a reference, I think. I stand by what I said before, about japanese-kanji.com being a good practice website, but that’s not the place for me to really learn the characters either.
My plan is this:
– complete the two Kanji in Context workbooks (which should take me a good few months)
– once I’ve mastered at least most of, if not all, the 1945 common use kanji, I’ll move onto JLPT 1級 textbooks for test-specific study
– at the same time, when I get sick of doing test problems, I’ll read manga and light novels to increase my general vocabulary
– take practice tests at various intervals to track my progress
– REMEMBER TO REGISTER FOR THE JLPT IN 2009 (this one is going to be the hardest, somehow XD I always forget…)
– figure out a way to be in NYC for the test Dec 2009 (since the NYC location is the closest one to where I live right now)
– pass the test? XD ideally, anyway.

But to be honest, right now? I’m harvesting fruit in Animal Crossing. XD

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