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July, 2008:

July is the month of crazy!

I’ve been so seriously busy this month, between travel and getting sick, and more travel, and still being sick (x__x)
I have so many things to talk about! But I have to be careful to space them out otherwise I’ll run out of content XD
So first, I’ll make a short entry about my trip to Japan.
I spent about a week in Tokyo at the beginning of this month, and the timing could’ve probably been a bit better, what with it being the end of the rainy season (it was cloudy nearly every day I was there) and friends not being off school yet, but it was the best deal for flights so…. that’s what determined it. I walked a lot, and took my pedometer with me for proof! Each day was usually over 10,000 steps, sometimes as high as 15,000! I still wonder what it would’ve looked like if I had my pedometer with me while I was living in Chiba. I didn’t really lose any weight though, which was kind of disappointing considering the amount of exercise I was getting XD
It was totally exhausting and went by kind of fast after the first couple days. I got to borrow a prepaid phone from my friend, which made me happy because it was almost like I was still living there XD I didn’t really get to do everything I wanted to, because it was all crammed into such a short time, so I’d like to go back (for a much longer period of time, if I can!) but who knows when that will happen. Need to save up for it, that’s for sure.
I haven’t driven at all since before I left for Japan because I was so busy getting ready for the next trip, and I caught a cold at the tail end of my trip anyway, so I was feeling pretty blah :( I may not really get a chance to practice again until August. Not exactly looking forward to it, but if I want to ever get a real job, it’s the only way, living in the suburbs. Bleh.

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