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May 16th, 2008:

ipod, iphone, iwant…

Okay so I got a new cell phone, the Sony Ericsson w580i, which is pink, and cute, and works great. This post is not about getting a new phone, not really.
My 5th gen iPod Video (60GB) will be two years old this summer, and while it still functions, I’m enticed by this whole flash memory thing and occasionally take a look at the iPod touch. I’m keeping track of the memory upgrades, although 32 isn’t quite enough for to flip over yet, upon further inspection, even 64 wouldn’t be enough – there are some major things missing as Apple decided that it wanted to make the touch just a partially disabled iPhone. The one thing that really gets me is the inability to edit calendar events on the device. This completely ruins it as a pda for me – the whole point of having a calendar is the ability to edit it on the fly! So I turn to the device Apple really wants to push – the iPhone. If I got one, it would be more an iPod replacement than a phone replacement. I need the app capabilities, and I need the storage for music. Wifi, 3G? it’s all just extras. I doubt the iPhone’s going to suddenly jump to 64GBs of space this summer (when supposedly the 3G version will be announced) but if it steps its game up to 32 I’m going to be sorely tempted. But the 64GB would be a done deal, no questions asked. Well, at that point anyway, I assume. I’m doing extensive research on the device right now so my questions should be little to none XD The only way I’d change my position is if Apple changes its position on allowing the iPod touch to be the digi.tech it has the potential to be.
But the 64 jump won’t come until at least Christmas, if not much later in 2009, I would think. Unless flash memory develops and drops price much faster than everyone is anticipating, anyway…

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