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the conclusion to the history of my fashion

Well I kind of got side-tracked and never finished that entry.
Essentially, what I wanted to say was, even though I was into Lolita before Himegyaru, I didn’t come from Lolita into Hime. I found about it unrelated to Lolita, through magazines of gyaru fashion, and later LJ communities about the same. I can see why people would like both, and I understand that there are some (many?) Western gyaru who have had a bad taste left in their mouths from girls who hopped over from Lolita fashion (how this happened so suddenly I have no idea – the bases for the fashions are completely separate) which is probably why I want to stick a huge sign on my forehead that says “I didn’t come from Lolita!” XD even though I can’t deny my interest in the fashion at one point in time (it’s waned, considerably). I don’t think I’d sell my Lolita clothes since, well, I mean I wore them. A lot. And they’ve been washed, several times. The only piece I’ve got that’s only been worn a couple times is my beloved VM dress which I ain’t givin up to nobody. ( > >)
The VW rocking horse shoes should proooooobably go but I can’t bear to do it! Sure they’re worth a JD dress but they’re cool! and interesting! and are crazy fun to walk in XD So I can’t do it. Just like I can’t sell any more of my dolls, even though I don’t spend much time with them anymore.
Anyway, if I can find a nice balance of high-but-not-too-high hair, then Hime can be my final fashion. It’s cute, it’s elegant, it’s not necessarily so garish that people stop and stare although it can be if you like XD It has roses, ribbons and pearls! All things I love as motifs. I can’t be five forever, so I may as well be cute in a “grown up” way XD I’ll have to find a couple really good pair of heels too… I have a lot of cheap 4″ pumps that I just cannot wear all day XD It’s okay to cough up ~$100 for a pair of shoes if they’re well constructed and you can wear them all the time, right? That has to be the aim – good quality, well-fitted pieces, even if it reduces the variety, it should make me feel better about my fashion – it sucks having things that don’t fit quite right, and that’s never a confidence booster on a bad day (-_-;)
But! I can fit into a good chunk of LL/Tralala clothing so I’ll continue to patronize that~ ♪ 姫ギャル has finally trumped Lolita for me, once and for all. I need to reorganize my closet… XD

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