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April 22nd, 2008:


(つまり: May Sickness Came Early)
Well, it’s not May yet, but I’m already feeling the lethargy kick in, my kanji studies are starting to slack, after a remarkably productive week (I could’ve sworn it was more than that but)… but I’ve been doing pop culture research. Er, by that I mean watching series that are either often referenced or are likely to be referenced in the future XD For the purpose of understanding things. For example, while watching らき☆すた there were quite a few Suzumiya Haruhi references (more than partially because they were made by the same animation studio…) so I had to watch that, which I’d been putting off. It was totally different than I was expecting! Somehow I managed to mix up the Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi with… some other show that was actually melancholic and dramatic. The weirdness of it is almost on a Murakami level, but with a difference sense of humor and a lighter tone overall, I think. So I’m looking into the light novels (well, actually I already ordered the first two from Sasuga but they said they were backorders so I probably won’t see them until May… ε=(~Д~;))
Actually, part of the reason why I’m slowing down the kanji study is because I’m trying to catch up with and surpass the reading only portion. I got up to 300 on that, but I’m only up to 240 on written. Ideally it should be written then reviewed for readings but that’s not the way it is yet. So I’m catching up. But it’s slow because writing too much at once hurts my hand and I don’t want to end up damaging my wrist or anything… (it’s true we’re on break this week for handbells, but if I just write until I can’t feel my fingers it’s likely I’ll be completely out of commission for just about everything for a couple days at least which defeats this little-by-little study strategy)
Since I’m up to 240 written kanji, that means I’ve graduated elementary second grade and am now in third (^ ~)v So that makes me… 8 years old? XD

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