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April 11th, 2008:


So after looking up events that happen in the summer in Japan, I think I’ve decided I want to be there for 隅田川花火大会 which takes place on the last Saturday in July. I’ve asked one of my friends in Japan to help me find a pretty 浴衣 for the event (^ ^) I’m excited! With a solid date in mind I can really start making plans now~ I need to figure out who will be around to see, for what, and when. Of course I’ve got to go shopping, and probably see Tokyo Disney Sea again, go to カラオケ (B’s already agreed to go with me~ hee :D), take プリクラ….

Other than that, I’ve mostly been studying 漢字 like it’s my business XD Somehow I’ve suddenly become really serious about it! Although N told me writing it is something even Japanese people are bad at these days, so I won’t worry so much on that end (although it would be good to know anyway). In most of my free moments lately I’ve been testing my 音読み/訓読み knowledge of characters, as well as meaning. A great place to practice these, if you’re interested, is Japanese-Kanji.com which has a java based flashcard applet that allows you to test your reading and meaning knowledge easily anywhere you’ve got internet XD There’s a French version on the site too, if you’d prefer! Although right now they only have 1740 of the 1945 常用漢字 available, that’s definitely sufficient for most students – if you know 1740 you can probably study the last 205 yourself… XD The characters are broken up into sets of 60 which might seem like a lot, but when you don’t have to write them out it’s not so bad, I think.

I’ve also been practicing my written conversational skills through my mixi! (No, that’s not my specific url – if you want to know it you have to talk to me directly) I’ve made a few new mixi friends that I message with relative frequency which is nice. Although it was difficult for a bit because I suddenly became popular! XD and I had a backlog of messages to go through. I still don’t really read the journals much at the moment, but I’m working up to it!

Okay, back to studying! :D

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