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April 7th, 2008:

why didn’t I do this sooner?!

Yeah, that’s how I feel about a lot of things XD Like PG *points to sidebar* love it. I had an account for MONTHS before I did anything and I totally should have started when I joined but I was lazy and then forgot about it XD
At least I started using Twitter as soon as I found it.
But mixi’s the same way! I could have definitely made way more friends if I’d used it when I was actually IN Japan. I mean, I <3 communicating through the internet but being able to do that AND hang out with people in person? Yes please! Ugh I'm so stupid XD But I'm using it now (even though sometimes I'm a little confused by the slangy things people say/confuse myself based on knowledge I have about something)... I should've probably timed things better though. I posted at a random point and the week I was gone must've been the week everyone had time off or something because I got about 10 new replies the week I stopped checking it XD (Not to mention standard replies by people I was expecting them from.) As I wrote in the mixi, weather's been wacky here (x__x) from 60F and nice to 40F but feels like 33 the next day... ( > >) At least it didn’t snow…. ha ha….
Been doing some huge catching up with manga, mostly 名探偵コナン. I’ve finally surpassed the anime!
Also been making jewelry a bit since I finally got some beading wire that was stiff enough to make earrings out of (the kind I bought was more for necklaces). Once I decide on some designs I’ll probably take some photos :D

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