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Perpetually Starting Over

So I keep thinking I should write more here.

And then I write a little, and think about it a lot, and then decide I don’t really know what I want to do, so I stop.

This cycles around pretty frequently.

Most of the time this is because I feel like I should really have A Purpose to write, or a theme to follow, in order to… what? keep the small following that I no longer have?

I’ve always found myself to be a difficult person to classify, or put into any particular group. I don’t say this to be all ~special and unique~ but rather that, any predefined category that I discover, I find myself… more than a little unsuited for.


I’ve become ridiculously girly ([vague promises about showcasing my room go here]), but I can’t say I’m any kind of expert on the subject or any of its subcategories like makeup or fashion – or even just cute things! I love cute things, but really, only certain kinds of cute things. I am less of a cute thing connoisseur than a lover of very specific cute things. And other atypical things I adore. Like hammerhead sharks.


I’ve come to really enjoy making different kinds of food! But… although my palette has increased exponentially since going through a very restrictive diet, I’m hard-pressed to consider myself a foodie. I don’t seek out restaurants or create recipes. I just… make what I want to make and eat it for a week straight (sometimes two!). I still don’t really drink alcohol, and that still seems to confuse a lot of people, but that’s a topic for another time.

I want to exercise more and get stronger~! But… I’m definitely not doing any kind of strength training right now, and most of what I am doing can be classified as a few yoga stretches at best. Mostly, I’m really lazy.

I still like my dolls! But… I haven’t felt inspired to really do anything with them lately, unfortunately.


I’m still interested in becoming more proficient in Japanese (and recently, Korean!) but I don’t use it in day to day life so much anymore… (unless you count shopping).


I do a lot with technology and code for work, but aside from having kind of an imposter complex about it, what I do is really low-level compared to what I know lots of other people are doing! I fix things and create patchwork solutions, but I don’t write whole programs (usually – and what I do write tends to be very small and self-contained). I really enjoy working with all of that and there are other things I’d love to do with them, but I’m not… not right now.


Basically, I’m not an expert at any of these things. The only thing I’m really suited to talk about is being that strange mashup of interests. Technology, girly-girl, Japanese language & fashion, dolls, and food! So that makes this a lifestyle blog, really, and I have trouble coming to terms with that, somehow.


On the one hand, that means I have to accept that people would come here because they’re interested in me… or at least some of the topics I discuss. On the other hand that means… well, what does it mean? That I write about day to day things, and for me, day to day is… well, maybe not that interesting most of the time. I live in the country I grew up in, a little closer to the major city than I used to be, but not too far from where I started. I’ve been many places around the world now, and while I won’t say I want to stay here forever, I’m okay being here for now. Oh right, add travel to that list above! And Visual Novels, and video games, and idols, and photography….

So here we are. Miu’s Lifestyle Blog About Nothing In Particular.

(I won’t change the name though, I like my bad pun.)

purple-haired girls

IMG_4142.JPG uncovered my Kagamin figma last weekend, so I set her up on my desk, and realized I was reading another series with a purple-haired twintail girl…

New Game is a 4-koma style comic about a college graduate who starts working at a game company. the tone is very light, and it’s closer to slice of life than anything else, with a few references to game development (I’ve read about half at this point – taking it leisurely since there doesn’t appear to be a second volume yet). when I read the synopsis I was hoping for something more story-oriented, but this is cute so I’m okay with it  :hee:



so the above image was dinner.

卵焼き[tamagoyaki] and rice topped with 野菜ふりかけ [yasai furikake].

although, I should say the tamagoyaki was more faux-shoku than 和食 [washoku] – the usual recipe calls for mirin and dashi… neither of which I had. so it’s just eggs, soy sauce and sugar. I did my best to roll it properly though! in my special tamagoyaki pan  :wink:

this whole week is turning into faux-shoku – my lunch this week is salmon flakes (on rice), which, again, was supposed to use sake and mirin, but I had neither. to be fair, when I started I did believe I had sake, at least. unfortunately I only had rice vinegar, which is…. not even close to any kind of substitute for either. the salmon is still quite good!

I bought a bilingual Japanese cookbook about half a year back, and I think I’ll start trying to make some items from it. cooking remains a challenge primarily due to limited refrigerator space – sharing a single fridge with three other people is… interesting. but it does force me to be very careful not to buy more than I’m going to use in the near future, since I don’t have space to buy more food if I decide not to use it….


2014.051Even more camera add-ons! (Well just one this time.) This is a nifty little flash bounce made specifically for NEX camera stock flashes. I’ve been using some aluminium foil as a hack solution up until now, but this looks a lot sleeker on and works fantastically! Not expensive, but takes a long time to arrive as it’s shipped from Korea using the cheapest post.




50 days done! More goodies for the new camera – white balance cap and lens thread adapter for it.

slowly catching up with backlog

If you follow the rss feed for this blog, you might notice that I filled in the rest of January with 365photos! I’ll fill in February soon…

School is still keeping me very busy (tonight I’m awake because I had to finish part of a project orz;; ) so I still can’t devote tons of time to this blog, but I’m definitely making plans (and lists!) for when I make my inevitable comeback~

So as you might know, I’m often mistaken for younger than I am… this isn’t because I’m short (I’m not) or that I dress childishly (I don’t think??) but perhaps because of my small face… in the past I’ve been mistaken for up to 8 years younger than my real age! But today we reached a new low… a coworker said I looked 12! (°口°;) !!(a statement that was later revised to 15 after I protested)

I’m only an inch taller than I was at 12 so I guess that’s not too far off but-

am I now aging backwards???

(no it was obviously hyperbole but this person is younger than me even!)

if only I could cure my undereye circles, then I’d feel confident that I really seemed so young ahaha;; 



So many snowy days recently… -_-;



Reading a bunch for my final course in my degree… I keep textbooks on my iPad whenever possible because it’s so much lighter and I can always read any time I have a few minutes.


2014.047Another nonsense shot of Lucilla (filter by Camera360, as usual)



2014.046Made pizza dough and I thought the swirl in the yeast foam looked pretty… photo didn’t really capture it though :(